The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of May

After taking a break in April I am back for my May forecast! We are now in Taurus season, a lovely time of year.. This post will be an overview of the more major things happening this month.

The month started out with the Moon in a trine to the Sun, and a trine to Venus. Here in Duluth, Minnesota, we experienced really lovely weather and although I was recovering from a bug of some sort (not COVID, thankfully), it was still a really pleasant day.

Let’s see what’s happening this month.. dates and times are in CST. 

Sun square Saturn — May 3rd — Signs most affected: Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer

On May 3rd, the Sun moves into a square with Saturn. This may reignite the Saturn Uranus square dynamic. When the Sun conjoined with Uranus on April 30th, we saw worldwide website outages (Facebook being one of the major ones), along with technical issues in general. While out driving I witnessed two near miss accidents also. The Sun squaring Saturn will no doubt reactivate this to some extent, and the Moon will be in Aquarius also, adding further emphasis.. so if things are challenging around this time, that’s why! Expect activity in the cryptocurrency markets. 

Mars in Cancer — signs most affected: Cancer, Aries, Scorpio

Mars entered Cancer on April 23rd. Cancer rising, Sun and Moon people will have experienced this in some form or another. A Cancer rising person I know got news of a death in the family on the day Mars entered the sign of it’s fall. Also, the Indonesian submarine that sunk (within a day of Mars entering Cancer) is also symbolized by this transit. Mars, the sign ruling the Military, is in it’s fall or depression in the watery sign of Cancer. This is an extremely literal manifestation of this transit. When a planet enters the sign of it’s fall or depression, there can often be a literal ‘falling down’, or ‘sinking’ in the areas of life that Mars rules. Cancer people may be experiencing some challenges at this time. These may be in the form of family conflict, depression, conflict within the home, actual problems with housing or real estate, or perhaps issues with the theme of nurturing or Motherhood. Depending on the house ruled by Mars in the natal chart, these areas of life become activated also. Mars leaves Cancer on June 11th, so expect matters to improve around this time. 

Aries and Scorpio people, being ruled by Mars, may be feeling sluggish, lethargic, moody, but also more intuitive and creative during this period. 

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius — May 26th 6:13am CST — signs most affected: Sagittarius, Gemini

This is the first of the eclipses for 2021. For Gemini and Sagittarius people, this is a big deal. Think back to what happened around November 30th and December 14th last year and you’ll have some idea of the areas of life that will be activated by the upcoming eclipses. Eclipses can stir up a lot of changes, so if things get crazy, just remember that the eclipses are happening and that things will calm down in a couple months. 

Jupiter enters Pisces — May 13th — signs most affected: Pisces, Sagittarius

This is a very positive transit for Pisces people, as Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. This transit happens once every 12 years or so. Now, before you get too excited, Jupiter is just dipping his toes into the sign for a few weeks before going retrograde on June 21st.. he will then exit back into Aquarius on July 28th, before reentering Pisces in the late hours of December 28th. Still, this is a taste of things to come later in the year and whatever is started around this period may blossom or develop once Jupiter enters the sign again. Jupiter will spend most of 2022 in Pisces, leaving late in the year on December 20th, when he will enter Aries. 

Expect a period of increased creativity, gain, or a sense of help from above during this period. International travel is possible, along with starting/continuing studies in a given area. Make the most of it!

Sagittarius people, being ruled by Jupiter, will also experience good things during this period, though given the two signs are square to each other, these may require additional work or compromise. 

New Moon in Taurus — May 11th — signs most affected: Taurus

There has been a lot of activity in Taurus the past few weeks, and this lunation cycle continues that trend. Expect further changes in the financial markets, particularly with cryptocurrency. The eclipses will most likely trigger major activity also. Taurus people can expect heightened activity in their lives around the May 26th eclipse too. 

Mercury enters Gemini — May 3rd — signs most affected: Gemini and Virgo

Mercury enters the sign of its rulership on May 3rd. This is most positive for Gemini people. Expect Gemini ruled areas of life to be strengthened and for mental faculties to be sharpened around this time. Technology should behave better for this period (except around the eclipses). Important communication may arrive during this period also. Virgo people may experience positive changes during this period, though given their sign is square to Gemini, there may be compromise or additional work required. 

That’s the main stuff occurring for May! I hope the transits bring about the highest good for all. As an FYI, I am currently taking a break from readings. I will update my website once they are being offered again. If you have an urgent issue, I may be able to make an exception for a short reading. Contact me if you need to! <3 

The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of March – Part 2

Hopefully the first part of March has not been too challenging for most. We have Jupiter entering Pisces on the horizon which marks a period of positivity and general loveliness. I’ll be writing more about that next month. 

If you’re reading this today (March 15th) and haven’t read Part 1, make sure you do as Mercury enters Pisces today and there’s a write up on that in the post!

Let’s see what’s happening for the rest of the month!

Venus sextile Pluto — March 18th

The planet of Love enters into a sextile with the God of the Underworld on March 18th. The sextile is more of a minor aspect, but there may be a sense of transformation or things coming to light in matters of love, art, and beauty on this day. Pisces, Libra and Capricorn people will feel this the most. 

Sun enters Aries — March 20th

The Sun finally enters Aries on March 20th, marking the beginning of Spring. Thank Goddess! It is also the birthday of two of my closest friends, Heather and Peter! Happy birthday sweeties! <3

The Sun in Aries marks a period of increased optimism and drive to start new projects and forge ahead, as the Sun is exalted in this sign. Aries and Leo people will feel this the most. 

Venus enters Aries — March 21st

Venus then enters Aries the next day, bringing Venusian matters into prominence for those with planets in the sign of the Warrior — Aries! The Goddess of Love will be staying here until April 14th, when she enters her home sign of Taurus. Venus in Aries is considered to be in a place of exile traditionally, as she is somewhat out of place in the sign of War, power, and impatience! Venus is at home in Taurus and Libra, signs related to a slower, more graceful pace, with balance and harmony. She is not at home in Aries, which is more about fast pace, being at the forefront of things, and being in a battleground (in whichever field of life that may be). Venus ruled people (Taurus and Libra) may feel more impatient or quarrelsome during this period, but it can also be a period of increased passion, energy and drive. The topics of sex, love, friendship, women, art, design & beauty may become more prominent for Aries people whilst Venus is transiting through this sign. She will be here until the early afternoon (CST) of April 14th. 

Mercury sextile Uranus — March 21st

On the same day that Venus enters Aries, Mercury sextiles Uranus. Unexpected developments, news or communication may occur on this day. Mercury ruled people may feel more chatty, scatterbrained, or creative. Technology upgrades may be in order. PiscesGeminiVirgo, and Taurus people will be most affected.  

Mars trine Saturn — March 21st

Wow, the 21st is quite the day of activity this month. Mars, the God of War enters into a trine with Saturn, the Great Teacher. The trine is the ‘best’ aspect two planets can make (apart from conjunctions involving Jupiter and Venus), and in this case, as it involves the two most challenging planets, Saturn and Mars, this is a good aspect for them to be in. This signals harmony in Martial and Saturnian matters of life. Drive, passion, ambition, the armed forces for Mars, and government, structure, regulation, and limitation for Saturn. Goals may be achieved around this time, particularly in relation to self control, routines, schedules, structural changes and so on. Gemini and Aquarius related areas of life may be involved. Communication, information, humor and creativity for Gemini, and altruism, technology, the Internet, cryptocurrency, and philosophy for Aquarius. Keep an eye on the news and you’ll be sure to see these topics manifest in some form or another. AriesScorpioAquarius and Gemini people may feel a sense of harmony around Mars/Saturn rules areas of life on this day. 

Mercury square Mars — March 23rd

The Trickster / Messenger squares off with the God of War on March 23rd. Technology issues, terse communication, travel issues, or pranks gone wrong may occur on this day. This is a good time to have words with someone that are long overdue, but beware of a tendency to go overboard. If you’re feeling cranky or moody on this date, this is why! GeminiPiscesVirgoAries, and Scorpio people will be most affected.  

Sun conjunct Venus — March 26th

The Goddess of Love is reborn on this date. Whenever a planet is conjoined with the Sun, it is symbolically burned up, to rise from the ashes and be reborn anew. This signals new beginnings for Venusian areas of life and Venusian people — Taurus and Libra. When a planet is within 1 degree of the Sun, it is also considered to be “Cazimi”, which is a Latin transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī, which means “as if in the heart”. The Arabic term appears to be a translation of the Greek term egkardios (ἐγκάρδιος), which literally means “in the heart”. What this means is that Cazimi planets are elevated or protected in some sense. It is considered to be a very fortunate placement. A prominent Medieval Astrologer, Abraham Ibn Ezra wrote of Cazimi planets: “A planet joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair.” Taurus and Libra people may experience some sense of being elevated or protected around this time period. A new cycle for Venusian areas of life starts for Aries people on this date: love, friendship, art, design, and beauty. 

Mars conjunct North Node and a Full Moon — March 28th

Mars, the God of War conjoins with the North Node of the Moon as the Moon is Full! The nodes of the Moon are places associated with a sense of fate. The North Node also has a meaning of ‘elevation’, ‘increase’ and ‘hunger’ associated with it. Mars ruled people (Aries and Scorpio) may experience some sense of a fated event on this date, or a sense of primal hunger, in relation to Gemini ruled areas of life: information, communication, creative writing or news being sent or received, or something related to technology. Gemini people may experience similar things, but in addition to this, possibly an event or development related to a man/martial figure, or to the topics of drive, ambition, passion, or force. Sagittarius people may experience to this some degree also. As the Eclipse cycle is occurring in Gemini and Sagittarius this brings these events into greater prominence.

The Full Moon in Libra will heighten the Venus Sun conjunction, still occurring in Aries. We may see Venusian figures and areas of life being prominent in the news. Themes around power,  misuse of power, and balance and harmony in relationships will be active around this time. Aries and Libra people will feel this the strongest. 

I realized this month, I have been tending to leave Cancer out to some extent, as it is the sign ruled by the Moon, so it’s always really got stuff going on, on a daily basis depending on what the Moon is doing (which is why Cancerians have such fluctuating moods!). I will try to remember this for my future forecasts. It’s easy to forget if there aren’t any planets transiting Cancer. The Full Moon will be somewhat potent for Cancer folk this month as it occurs in the signs 90 degrees away from it, which is the square aspect, indicating tension or conflict. This energy can be positive though, as it can be this type of energy that is a catalyst for change. 

Mercury conjunct Neptune – March 29th

Right on the heels of the Full Moon, we see Mercury conjoin with watery, foggy Neptune. Nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to Neptune. This can manifest in a ‘rose colored glasses’ sense, or in a more challenging sense of overwhelm, or perhaps being lost in the fog. Miscommunication and technology issues will be rife on this day. For people who are prone to depression, exercise greater self care on this day and remember that this is temporary! Forewarned is forearmed.. GeminiPisces, and Virgo people will be most affected by this transit. Take a mental health day if need be. The positive side of this transit is that it can provide immense creative inspiration, so channel your emotions into art if you can. 

Venus sextile Saturn — March 30th

The sextile aspect is one of harmony, but when Saturn is involved, there is always more of a sobering type of energy. This transit may bring a sense of becoming aware of or facing limitations in relation to Venusian matters, or of setting up structures or routines. There is some difficult reception here as both Saturn and Venus don’t like being in Aries. Planets in aspect to each other ‘receive’ the other into the sign they are currently in — it shows how they feel about each other. In this case, there is a sense of, “I’m not happy about this, but let’s make it work and push through”. Venus is starting to leave her Cazimi status (see March 26th for an explanation of Cazimi), meaning she is losing her position of status or elevation. She is still hidden by the beams of the Sun, meaning whatever is represented by her is hidden, secret, or unconscious, in the very early stages of coming to light. AriesAquariusTaurus, and Libra people will be most affected. 

Sun sextile Saturn — March 31st

Interestingly, the Sun then sextiles Saturn the next day. This may feel like a continuation of the storyline from what occurred the previous day. In this case, the Sun is in a place of strength in Aries, but is in it’s exile in Aquarius. So there is negative reception for both planets. Picture two people who are very comfortable where they are, but through necessity have to make some kind of arrangement or agreement that aren’t super enamored with. There may be that kind of vibe to circumstances that occur on that day. Compromise is part of life. Personal growth doesn’t occur when we’re in our comfort zone.. Make the most of it and embrace it! Aries, Leo, and Aquarius people will be most affected. 

Love and light to all! <3

The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of March – Part 1

How on Earth is it March already? Time is such a blur for me in recent times. So much happens in such a short space of time. I think our brains are still adjusting to so much information being processed on a daily basis… anyhow, onto the topic at hand — the March forecast! This month is less dramatic than February, thankfully. I for one am relieved.

Let’s see what’s happening. 

Venus sextile Uranus — March 3rd

This is somewhat of a minor aspect but can bring some sense of breakthrough or something unexpected in matters of love, friendship, art, music, design and beauty. As Venus is in Pisces this will affect Pisces people mainly, but also Taurus as she rules Taurus, and Uranus is also currently transiting through Taurus. 

Venus in Pisces — transiting until March 21st

Venus will be transiting through the sign of her exaltation until March 21st, when she enters fiery Aries. When a planet is in exaltation, the matters of life that it rules become strengthened and positive. This signals harmony in love and friendships, particularly for Pisces and Taurus people, but also just general nice Venusian events unfolding. It’s a good time for creativity, so put it to good use!

Mars enters Gemini — March 3rd

The God of War enters the place of the Trickster and will be staying here until April 23rd when he enters the place of the Mother, the sign of Cancer. Gemini people may have extra energy and drive during this time period, but there is also the potential for outbursts of anger. So be sure to channel extra energy into healthy outlets. Mars rules men on a general level so there may be a man or martial figure that pops up or is prominent in your life during this period. 

Mercury conjunct Jupiter — March 4th

Mercury is now direct after a particularly gross retrograde period and will be conjoining with Jupiter once again. When it happened the last time, it felt particularly weird to me and to a couple people I talked to with Gemini prominent in their charts (Mercury rules Gemini). Both planets are currently in Aquarius, which is a sign that on a broad level can be very unemotional and detached. Almost robotic in some cases. Fun fact — the actor that plays Data on Star Trek, Brent Spiner, has a Mercury Sun conjunction in Aquarius. Anyhow, the last time, it was February 14th or 15th. I don’t recall the date exactly, the conjunction lasted a couple days. But I remembered feeling quite robotic / unemotional and just kind of weird and detached. Mercury rules many part of my chart so in many ways I am quite Mercurial. Anyhow, Mercury was retrograde at that point so I don’t expect it will feel exactly the same this time, especially as the Sun is no longer in Aquarius, and now transiting watery, dreamy Pisces. But if you are feeling kind of odd on March 4th, especially Gemini and Virgo people, that is why! Aquarius people may be feeling chattier than normal as Jupiter amplifies whatever it comes into contact with, and Mercury rules communication. Jupiter also provides assistance wherever it is transiting, so there may be something good that occurs on this date in the context of Mercury ruled areas of life — technology, communication, news, travel, etc. We may see some developments in cryptocurrency on this date. 

Sun conjunct Neptune — March 10th

The Sun conjoins watery, foggy, illusory Neptune on March 10th. Pisces and Leo people may feel particularly spacey or creative on this day. Sensitivity is heightened on this day, so beware of overindulgence or feelings of overwhelm. Neptune can obfuscate matters so things may not be quite as they appear during this period. 

Venus conjunct Neptune — March 13th

The planet of Love then has her conjunction with Neptune on March 13th. Again, a good day for creativity and inspiration, and fantasy/escape, but beware of deception in matters of the heart! For most people this won’t be a concern, but if there is a situation in your love life where the waters are not clear and there is some suspicion around motives, beware of events occurring around this time period. Pisces, Taurus and Libra people will feel this the most. 

Mercury enters Pisces — March 15th

Mercury, the Trickster and Messenger enters dreamy, poetic Pisces on March 15th. Mercury is in the sign of it’s fall or depression in Pisces, so this can be a somewhat challenging period in terms of mental health, especially for people who have Mercury ruled areas in their chart — Gemini and Virgo people. There is always a positive though. Poets and songwriters often have Mercury in Pisces natally — this is a placement of great creativity and inspiration for all matters relating to writing and communication. This can be a period of heightened creativity if you are able to put it to good use. Don’t beat yourself up, however, if this doesn’t happen. Exercise greater self care throughout this period! Pisces people may have Mercury ruled areas of life become more prominent during this time. 

Check back soon for part 2!

The Astrology of 2021

February Forecast Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my February Forecast! Make sure to read Part 1 for details on the upcoming Saturn Uranus square on February 17th. This is a very big transit!

Let’s see what else is coming up over the next couple weeks.

The Moon is now in Pisces, after starting a new lunation in Aquarius yesterday. As she conjoins with watery Neptune tomorrow (2/13), Mars will be moving into a sextile with Neptune. This signals a good day for creative pursuits, or a nice escape from the realities of the world during the pandemic — perhaps a nice movie and food delivered? The areas of your chart occupied by Taurus & Pisces determine how this manifests in your life. Taurus, Pisces, Aries & Scorpio people will experience this the most strongly.

Tonight (2/12), Venus and Mercury conjoin. Mercury retrograde brings themes of revision, reassessment, & matters from the past coming up. Combined with Venus, these themes manifest in the context of love, friendships, the arts, and the feminine realm in general. Aquarius people will feel this most strongly, with Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra people also being affected.

Mercury then conjoins with Jupiter on Valentine’s Day with Venus, the planet of love just three degrees away. Jupiter, also known as Jove in Roman times, ruling all that is Jovial, brings this energy into the ether on this day. Expect lively conversations, and some sense of reprieve, breakthrough, or help being offered. While Aquarius in itself may not be the most romantic of signs (romantic Aquarians will have other astrological placements that bestow this energy), we will take what we can get. Venus in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day really is fitting, however, for the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.

The Moon enters Gemini on 2/19, on the heels of the Saturn Uranus square. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is just under 4 degrees away from Saturn at this point. The Moon brings the energy of this dynamic into Gemini. As the current eclipse cycle is in Gemini/Sagittarius, people with planets in these signs may expect a period of heightened activity for the next couple days. There may be themes of revision, disruption, surprise, or being forced to overcome something. Gemini people will feel this the most. Sagittarius people may also to a lesser degree. Whenever the Moon is in Sagittarius and Gemini during this eclipse cycle, there will be significant developments in the areas of life ruled by those signs. Eclipses signal big changes in the areas of life they are occurring in.

Mercury finally goes direct in the evening of 2/20. Matters of life that have been disrupted or revised can start to move forward again at this time. This is significant for Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo people.

Venus moves into Pisces on 2/25, signaling a shift in matters of life ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, friendship, the arts, and all that is feminine. Venus in Pisces is considered to be exalted. It is a place where she is held up and has an elevated status. Thus, matters of life ruled by her become prominent and elevated for the duration she is transiting through this sign (until 3/21). For example, there may be female performers being honored in the news or receiving awards during this time. This will be nice change from the energy of Venus in Aquarius and may signal some kind of shift or change in terms of the pandemic as Venus rules social interaction in general. Pisces, Libra and Taurus people will feel this most strongly.

Mars will be conjoined with fixed star Algol on the day Venus moves into Pisces (2/25). This is quite an interesting dynamic. Venus rules Taurus, the sign Mars is currently transiting. So her elevation in Pisces signals a change for the matters pertaining to Mars. Algol is quite a notoriously difficult star, being associated with the myth of Medusa. It quite literally signals ‘losing ones head’ in some manner, usually figuratively speaking, but also has manifested in actual beheadings throughout history. As Mars rules men in general, there is almost the idea of a man, or a Martial figure (soldier, warrior, fighter etc) losing his mind over a Venusian figure or Venusian part of life with this transit. The Moon then moves to square it in Leo, igniting the dynamic in the early hours of February 26. I predict this may manifest in areas of life such as the food/restaurant industry (a Taurean part of life) — I am picturing a Gordon Ramsay type figure losing his head over something. Taurus also has rulership over the financial markets. With the Moon almost full on this day, I am thinking there will be insane activity on the markets. Taurus and Leo people should be wary on this day of ‘losing their heads’ over something. Scorpio and Aries people will be affected also.

The Full Moon then occurs on 2/27 in Virgo. Matters pertaining to the markets and those I wrote about in the previous post on the Saturn Uranus square may come into stark contrast on a national level. Markets will probably go wild during this time. Matters relating to health, the pandemic, addiction or escapism, pets/animals, & science may also become prominent on a personal and national level during the Full Moon. Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Pisces & Virgo. Keep your wits about you during this time, and as always, be kind to yourself and others! This is looking like a very dramatic Full Moon. Exercise no-holds-barred self care during this time.

Love & light to all! <3

The Astrology of 2021

February Forecast Part 1

Drama GIF | Gfycat

Welcome to Part 1 of my February forecast!

2021 started off with a bang, that’s for sure, and February continues along similar themes with some rather disruptive energy!

Let’s talk about one of the main transits for this year. Saturn square Uranus. 

Saturn square Uranus

Saturn is the planet ruling areas of life such as government, rules & regulations, restrictions & hurdles, boundaries, negation, the word “No”, old age, isolation & seclusion, conservatism & traditionalism, & death. It is currently transiting through Aquarius, a sign related to democratization, altruism, innovation, the Internet, and AI/robotics, among other things.  

Uranus  is the planet that rules areas of life such as rebellion, revolution, innovation, paradigm shifts, genius, technology, electricity, sudden occurrences, and lightning. It is currently transiting through Taurus, which rules, among other things, financial markets. 

As you can see, the pure energies of the two planets are somewhat antithetical, and they come together via a Square aspect, which in traditional astrological texts carries the energy of Mars — signifying  tension, conflict, and sometimes a cutting of ties, in whatever shape that may take.

We can already see this playing out with the recent events on the stock market. Disruptive, innovative Uranus (millennials on Reddit), taking on huge Wall Street hedge funds (Saturn), causing huge losses for at least one fund. The SEC (Saturn) has released a statement advising that it is monitoring the situation. Trading platforms (Saturn) have also placed certain limits on certain stocks being purchased by the naughty Redditors. 

All this is occurring in the wider context of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, which in short, is quite a big deal, and signifies the start of a new 200 year cycle, full of disruption, democratization, equality, but also the rise of AI/robotics, increased electronic surveillance, and the like. There are positives and negatives to each period in history, as always. As a side note, if this causes anxiety for you, watch Surviving Death on Netflix!

So we’re seeing the very beginnings of the cycle starting to unfold. Let’s look at when the peak periods for this transit are.

The first exact hit that the two planets make is on February 17th @ 1:08pm CST. Very interestingly, the Moon will in Taurus at the same time! When it comes to major transits, the Moon is like the flame that lights the fuse and ‘activates’ the whole dynamic. So this is bound to be a day that ranks as a 10 on the AstroDramaMeter™. Have your popcorn at the ready and settle in on the couch with your laptop to watch the markets go crazy! Mind you, the days leading up to it will be dramatic also, especially once the Moon enters Taurus at 9:12pm CST on the 16th. Those of you working in Food Service, or in areas related to Art, Design, Fashion, or Beauty may also experience some big disruptions.  

Backing up a bit, this is also part of a new Moon in Aquarius, making it that much more potent. Whatever happens around the time of the new Moon will set the stage for the next chapter in the story. So monitor the news and investment forums around this time (especially Reddit) and see what is being discussed, as there is the potential for things to go nuts again on the stock market. The Moon enters Aquarius February 9th at at 7:20pm CST, and leaves February 12th at 1:23am. So be on the lookout during the period for which the Moon is in Aquarius to get an idea of what is going to happen on the 16th/17th! 

In addition to the Stockmarket, we will see themes relating to Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius & Taurus being prominent in the news and on the world stage. 

On a personal level, this month is going to be extremely powerful for those with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aquarius, or with any planet in Aquarius for that matter. Taurus people are also in for big changes. Curious to know what’s in store? A 2021 transit and eclipse written reading is available, see my Readings page for pricing and info!

As I mentioned earlier, this is part of a cycle that lasts for the year. The next two hits are on June 14th, and December 24th! Hmm, Christmas is sure to be dramatic this year… 🍿

Let’s see what else is going on this month!

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus conjoins Saturn on February 6th, making for a more sobering / somber energy in the ether the day of, and the day prior and after. Aquarius people will be primarily affected, along with Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn. Though, everyone will feel it to some extent, in matters of love, friendship, food, beauty, art, design and cinema. We may even see the passing of prominent Venusian figures (actors, models, singers). Women’s health and reproductive rights may pop up in the news again during this time. Some may experience the ending of a relationship. This is a good time to deal with any more ‘serious’ matters in the context of love and friendship. It’s also a good time to reign in spending on more luxurious items or start a new health regimen. 

Venus square Uranus

THEN.. LATER THAT DAY.. Venus squares disruptive Uranus! This adds themes of disruption or shocking/unexpected events or revelations into the mix. A shake up, wake up call, a break from the norm, or a cutting of ties. Uranus can also represent activism or revolutionary energies, so we may see some kind of protests around Women’s rights and reproductive rights occurring around this time. We can expect drama with the Markets as well, as Venus is the ruler or host of Uranus while he is transiting her sign of Taurus. Whenever a sign ruler is affected by a transit then that themes surrounding that sign become active. And given Uranus is highly charged this month by the New Moon in Aquarius, this is bound to be a somewhat intense day also. Maybe a 6 on the AstroDramaMeter™.

This will be true especially for Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn people. I would also expect developments regarding social media to occur around this time, with Venus ruling all things social, in the sign of the Internet, squaring Uranus, during a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius! See The Social Dilemma on Netflix if you are not aware of what is happening. Facebook and Apple are also battling over new restrictions Apple is bringing in that will drastically impact on Facebook’s ability to track and target people for advertising. Go Apple!

Mercury Retrograde

So yes.. Mercury is also now retrograde, having done so on January 31st. He is currently in Aquarius, bringing Aquarian matters into focus, particularly in the area of technology given that Mercury naturally rules this area, as well as Aquarius naturally having an association to new and innovative technology such as the Internet, AI/Robotics etc. This ties in further with ideas of things being shaken up in the markets due to Internet forums etc. Mercury being in retrograde brings themes of revisions, technology problems, people and things from the past coming back into our lives, etc. I would not be surprised if we see major internet outages or disruptions during the New Moon, as well as during the Saturn Uranus square, the square to Mars on February 10th, and the Full Moon on February 27th! The general advice for Mercury Retrogrades is that anything you purchase, any contract you sign, any document you write or send, may be subject to revision, return or cancellation. There is often no avoiding this of course as we can’t put our lives on hold for 3 weeks while this is happening. Being a strong believer in fate, I go with my heart/gut and do whatever needs to be done during these periods.  

Mercury conjoins with the Sun on February 8th, starting a new cycle. Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo people may have some sense of a new beginning around this time. 

Check back soon for Part 2!

The Astrology of 2021

January 2021

A belated Happy New Year to my beloved readers. I’m sure everyone is still reeling from 2020, as well as the events of the past few days.. the eclipses that occurred in November/December have stirred up a lot of drama.. I’ll be doing a 2021 post sometime soon, but for now, I’ll be focusing on January. 

New Moon in Capricorn

Let’s start with the New Moon in Capricorn, occurring today. Capricorn is the sign that has general rulership of things like Government, Business, Law & Order, Conservatism/Traditionalism.. it is fitting that the inauguration takes place during a lunation cycle in Capricorn. With the prominence of the far right in current events, this lunation cycle is sure to be very interesting, especially as the New Moon takes place within 1 degree of Pluto! This is a massive indicator for a very dramatic month. Pluto is the planet of deep, profound change. It also speaks to toxicity being dredged up and purged, which is never pleasant. But it has to be done in order to begin anew and for new growth to occur. 

We can see this playing out in the Republican Party, which will be doing some very deep soul searching in the wake of the Trump Presidency. Also, the New Moon takes place within 1 degree opposite Mercury in the US birth chart (Sibley chart) — it is interesting that this is occurring just as Parler has been booted off of Amazon’s AWS hosting service, and their app removed from both Google Play and the Apple App store. Mercury rules technology, communication, & social media, so this is all happening right on schedule astrologically. There will most likely be interesting developments with this when the Moon enters Cancer in the afternoon of the 25th (CST), and even more so during the Full Moon in Leo. The Moon enters Leo on the 27th and is full on the 28th at around 1:15pm CST.    

We may see significant developments in terms of the pandemic, as Pluto has some rulership over this. 

People most affected by this lunation cycle will be Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo people. The Full Moon will be when this will be felt most strongly, as well as when the Moon is in Aries, on the 18th/19th. 

Let’s see what else is happening this month. 

January 13th

Venus trine Uranus

Venus trines Uranus on the 13th, bringing unexpected positive developments in the general areas of love, friendship, art/design/aesthetics, music, and food — the areas of life over which Venus is the natural ruler. Venus as the ruler of Taurus aspecting Uranus in Taurus may also bring unexpected developments in the markets, particularly in cryptocurrencies. 

People most affected by this transit are Taurus, Capricorn, and to a lesser extent, Libra

Mars square Saturn

A potential feeling of driving with the parking brake on today, particularly for Aries and Scorpio people. Taurus, Aquarius and Capricorn people may experience some sense of tension involving a limiting factor of some kind also. Possible tension between government officials and the armed forces, or police. 

January 14th

Sun conjunct Pluto

An overall intense day as the Sun conjoins with Pluto, God of the Underworld. Expect things that have been hidden to come to the surface, intense emotions, power play, and further drama on the political stage. A good day to get things out into the open that need to be dealt with. 

People most affected by this transit are Capricorn.

January 17th

Jupiter square Uranus

Jupiter natural ruler of Justice, Law, Higher Education, and International Travel/Affairs squares rebellious, revolutionary Uranus. There may be some kind of unexpected or unusual legal development within the context of the current political drama. Jupiter can also ‘increase’ whatever it comes into contact with, so this may in some sense set the stage for Mars’ upcoming conjunction with Uranus on the 20th. 

Aquarius and Taurus people may experience this on a personal level as something unexpected, with an energy of excess or inner conflict. Channel any excess energy proactively into healthy outlets. Pisces and Sagittarius people may feel this too, to a lesser extent. 

January 20th — Inauguration Day

Mars conjunct Uranus

The day starts off with the Moon in fiery Aries, which then moves into Taurus at 12:56pm CST. Mars conjoins Uranus exactly a couple hours later. Mars, ruler of aggression, violence, and general strife, conjoined with Uranus, ruler of rebellion and revolutionary acts, does not make for peaceful planetary weather for Inauguration Day, unfortunately. 

On a personal level, Taurus people may experience some kind of disruption, outburst of anger, or unexpected events occuring during this transit. Aries & Scorpio people may experience it also to a lesser extent. Proactively channel any excess energy into a physical outlet. Disconnect from the political drama and have an impromptu dance party in your living room!

January 23rd

Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun conjoins Saturn today in aloof Aquarius. A more cerebral/detached energy combined with a touch of quirkiness as the Moon is in Gemini. Expect possible developments regarding Bitcoin/Social Media. 

Also, with the eclipse cycle currently occurring in Gemini/Sagittarius, expect further developments in whatever area of life is being activated for you, every time the Moon is in Gemini and Sagittarius. 

Aquarius, Gemini & Sagittarius people may feel this energy most strongly. 

Mars square Jupiter

Nationally, conflict or aggression, possibly relating to Law/legal wrangling on the political stage.  

On a personal level, increased energy levels today, perhaps a sense of agitation. Channel excess energy into healthy outlets. 

January 25 – 27

The Moon enters Cancer at 12:53pm CST 1/27. In recent times, whenever the Moon is in Capricorn or Cancer it’s a drama fest. Not as much now that Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, but still, given Pluto is there, and Venus is approaching a conjunction to Pluto. Also, the US has a Cancer Sun, so the Moon being in Cancer makes for heightened activity on a national level when the Moon is here. 

With the approaching conjunction of Venus to Pluto, this dynamic is activated by the Moon, bringing some intensity to matters of love, sex, friendships, art, design, music. Maybe a relationship is experiencing a shift of some kind. Matters that have been ignored or suppressed may be coming to the surface. Or, some folk might be spicing it up in the bedroom! Pluto can relate to more alternative modes of sexual expression.

Signs most affected by this are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Libra.

January 28th

Full Moon in Leo

Today it’s a Full Moon! A particularly intense one as Venus is exactly conjoined to Pluto, the Moon squares volatile Mars & Uranus, and Jupiter is conjoined with the Sun. So much going on — this is likely to be a very dramatic Full Moon. If you’re in an area likely to be affected by protests or violence, stay home! 

Signs most affected are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn, but really, pretty much every sign will be affected by this energy on a personal level in some form or another. 

January 31st

Sun square Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde

The Sun squares Uranus for the last day of January bringing unexpected news or developments, possibly in relation to ongoing protests and political unrest. Also, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius! As Aquarius has strong links with the Internet, Robotics, Space Travel, and Cryptocurrencies, expect developments in these areas during this retrograde. I’ll be touching on this in my 2021 post, but Congress slipped a provision into the Covid-19 relief and spending bill in December, that US intelligence agencies have 180 days to divulge to Congress what they know about UFO’s… As if things could get any more bizarre! Anyhow, Aquarius has a strong link with themes around Space and ET’s, so we could see some developments around this during the retrograde, but certainly later in the year as the 180 day period comes to a close, with Saturn squaring Uranus! More on this later in my 2021 post. 

Stay sane everyone! Love & Light to all <3 


A total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

It’s Eclipse day! 

The Solar Eclipse will be exact at 10:16am CST. This is a big day for Sagittarius & Gemini people. Note that even if you are not born during the month of Sag/Gem, you may have your Moon, Ascendant (Rising sign), or other planets in these signs!

Eclipse’s signal major change in the area of life pointed to in the chart. If today is a little intense, this is why! What can we expect?

The chart of the US (Sibley chart) is Sagittarius rising — today we may see interesting developments nationally, especially regarding the election saga. Sagittarius is a sign that can be associated with activism, dogmatic/puritanical thought and behavior, and going to extremes. It is possible we will see manifestations of that today. 

Mercury is under the beams of the Sun, within 3 degrees, and in “detriment” in Sagittarius. Expect miscommunications, dogmatic conversations, and technology issues. Since the last eclipse, I have heard multiple reports from friends / loved ones of hacking / scams — this is a manifestation of Mercury being in detriment with eclipses happening in Gemini, a sign associated with commerce and technology, and the Trickster archetype (when Mercury is not well placed or in poor condition).  Mercury, being hidden under the sun’s beams can also lend a sense of someone being secretive or not altogether open about something. Make sure you double check important correspondence before sending or important details before signing contracts!

As always during Eclipses, be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to do to get through the day if everything goes to hell!

$35 written Eclipse Reports are available! What do they hold in store for you? Contact me for more information! Love to all <3 

The Astrology of 2020

The Astrology of December 2020

December is finally here! This month brings some MAJOR changes astrologically. We are just on the heels of a lunar eclipse in Gemini that occurred in the early hours of Monday morning. Gemini & Sagittarius people would be feeling this very strongly. Some of the more well known Gemini’s, Donald Trump & Mike Pence, are being affected by this, obviously, as well as Kamala Harris, who is Gemini rising. Joe Biden is Sagittarius rising. Big changes for all four players on the world stage! 

The next eclipse in the Gem/Sag series occurs on December 14 at around 9am CST. This is the big one. We may see more developments on the election situation — see this Reuters article for more perspective on further potential drama.

The long awaited Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius occurs on December 21 at around 11am CST. This signals many things, but for one, it brings some relief from all of the turmoil unfolding over the past couple years. Jupiter is traditionally thought of as being in it’s fall or depression in Capricorn, which is not great given that Jupiter is the greater benefic — the planet signaling ‘good’ things, vs Saturn that generally signifies difficult matters. We can expect big developments in the COVID-19 vaccine situation over the next couple months. Capricorn and Cancer people can breathe a sigh of relief with Saturn moving out of their signs by whole sign conjunction and opposition. Great Conjunctions signal many big shifts in the world, but especially when they change element. We are now entering a new 200 year cycle in Air signs. Air signs rule thought, information, communication, technology, and literally things that move in the air (infectious diseases spread by air, anyone?). My astrology teacher, Acyuta-bhava Dasa is doing a video series on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which you can watch on YouTube, if you are interested to learn more! Aquarius people will be most affected by this conjunction, but also Capricorn, Sagittarius, & Pisces people.

What else does the eclipse signal? It depends on your rising sign. The Jupiter and Saturn ruled parts of your chart will be affected, more so than others depending on the house and whether or not you have planets in them. Interested to learn more? Contact me for a written eclipse report! 

Gemini, Virgo & Sagittarius people may experience a sense of fogginess or low energy on December 13 and Mercury in Sag squares Neptune in Pisces. However, this is mitigated by an energetic trine to Mars the next day. Mercury will then be ‘reborn’ as he is consumed by the Sun’s beams on December 19, starting a new cycle. Mercury will be trine to Uranus on December 25, bringing unexpected news or developments, or a sense of liberation on this day. Capricorn people will experience this as well, particularly on December 27 as the Sun trines Uranus. Taurus people will probably feel this to some degree also.    

Libra & Taurus people will be glad to know that their ruling planet, Venus, will move out of the sign of her depression/fall (Scorpio) on December 15, where she has been since November 21. Scorpio brings themes of endings, rebirth, deep introspection, and power dynamics — a difficult place for Venusian people and areas of life. Scorpio people will have found this period difficult also, with Venusian areas of life being challenging in some way for them. 

Aries people will still be feeling energized with their ruling planet, Mars, now direct, though he is moving into a square with Pluto on December 23 (the energy will become palpable on December 22), which will be amplified by the Moon also being in Aries at the same time. This may be an intense day for both Aries and Capricorn people (Pluto is in Capricorn), as well as Scorpio people (Mars rules Scorpio). Beware of intense emotions / desires, feelings of obsession or anger on this day. Don’t do anything risky or rash! Libra people may feel it also, as the sign opposite Aries, and square with Pluto in Capricorn.

Beware of a tendency to overdo things on New Years Eve, especially Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra & Pisces people, but really, everyone, after the year we have all had, with Venus squaring intoxicating Neptune on December 30, with the energies of this transit more than likely spilling over into December 31. The Moon will be in party loving Leo, trine to Venus on New Years Eve, opposite excessive Jupiter, so it’s bound to be a hell of a (socially distanced) party!

As always, feel free to contact me if you need a reading. I am transitioning to primarily written readings, being the introvert that I am, with phone readings being offered also. $35 eclipse reports are available! Gemini & Sagittarius people, take note! 

Love to all! <3 

November 2020 The Astrology of 2020

November 2020 – Mars Direct, Venus square Capricorn line-up, Mercury opposite Uranus

Mars Direct — signs most affected: Aries & Scorpio 

Happy Saturday! It is cold & gloomy here in Duluth, MN. But I am happy, as today, Mars has gone direct. This is a big deal for Aries & Scorpio people (I’m Aries rising), as Mars rules both of these signs. Mars has been retrograde since September 10. Themes of reversal, setbacks, revisions, and weakness are all associated with retrogrades, and especially so, with Mars being in a whole sign square to Saturn, and the rest of the drama happening in Capricorn! Aries & Scorpio people will be starting to feel like things are finally starting to move forward and get back on track. 

Venus squares Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn — signs most affected: Capricorn, Taurus & Libra 

Meanwhile, Venus is starting to move into a square with Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, obsession, secrets, power and control. Capricorn, Taurus & Libra people will be starting to get a sense of this and may feel like they are going through some kind of transformation right now. Relationships in general may feel especially intense. Things may be coming to a head in some form or another. If you have something to get off your chest, now is the time. This transit is exact tomorrow, so if things are tense with your significant other at the moment, know that it’s in the stars! 

After the square to Pluto, Venus will square Jupiter, the planet of excess and gain on Monday. Jupiter can have a liberating energy about it, but can also speak of excess, so beware of urges to indulge too much. The Moon will enter Capricorn late on Tuesday, squaring Venus and activating the whole dynamic once again. 

Venus then squares Saturn on Thursday. Saturn can feel very heavy, but try to use this energy to do things that have been neglected or that you’ve been procrastinating about. Saturn also rules the principle of reduction, so cutting things from your life that are not serving you is a good thing to do around this time. The fact that social distancing and lockdowns are ramping up again is very much in line with this transit, Saturn being the planet of restriction, with Venus ruling social gatherings. 

Mercury opposes Uranus — signs most affected: Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini & Virgo 

This is the third and final pass Mercury will make with Uranus, which goes exact on the 17th. Expect technology issues, unexpected communications or news, or a sense of feeling wired or scatterbrained. Uranus disrupts, so try to go with the flow and not get too upset If things don’t go to plan. We may also hear of some kind of development with vote recounts, or postal votes around this time. 

That’s it for now.. remember, the next eclipse in Gemini / Sagittarius is at the end of the month so the energy is very intense right now! If you’re interested in learning how these will affect you, I am now offering written eclipse readings for $35! Contact me if you are interested to learn more. Love & light to all! <3 

The Astrology of 2020

November 2020 – Eclipses, Venus Mars opposition, Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

So it’s been a little while since my last post.. the Mercury Retrograde was particularly challenging for me as Mercury rules so much in my chart, and the square to the planets in Capricorn proved to be very draining. I’m very glad that it’s direct again and beyond the reach of Saturn!

Gemini / Sagittarius Eclipses

What’s on the radar? We’re now leading into eclipse season.. Eclipses signal major change in the areas of life signified by the signs they fall in. We are currently in the Gemini / Sagittarius eclipse cycle, with the first eclipse in the series taking place June 5th. People most affected by this would be people with Gemini or Sagittarius rising, or with the Sun or Moon in these signs. But everyone is affected to some extent or another. The beginning of an eclipse cycle signals endings & new beginnings in a given area of life. The area of life is determined by which houses the signs occupy in your birth chart. Interested to learn more? I am now offering written eclipse reports, which outline the changes you can expect through to the end of 2021. The next couple of eclipses occur as follows:

Lunar Eclipse Nov 30 – 08° Gem 45′

Solar Eclipse Dec 14 – 23° Sag 07′

On a general level, we can expect the following areas of life and general themes to become more prominent in current events and in the news:

Technology (Bitcoin is starting to rise in price again!)
Commerce & Banking

Fundamentalism / Dogmatism

Venus opposite Mars

What else is going on? Well, today, Venus and Mars are in an exact opposition with mutual debilitation. Both planets are in their own signs, in a place of rulership, but ‘receive’ each other into a condition of detriment or exile. What does this mean? Well, Venus signifies women & femininity, love, harmony, friendship, art & music, food & wine, & sex. Mars signifies men, masculinity, the military, willpower and drive, anger, things that cut or burn, weapons, accidents, etc. So we have the masculine & feminine planets, in an opposition (at odds with each other), not wanting to leave their place of comfort / power, feeling a sense of exile or being out of place if they are forced to do so. On a societal level, we may see a combination of these themes pop up in the news. On a personal level, things may be strained in relationships over the next couple days. Especially for people with Libra & Aries prominent in their charts. Scorpio & Taurus people will also feel it to some degree. Depending on where your Venus & Mars are, it could manifest in a variety of ways. 

For example, for me, I have Venus in Virgo in the 6th house of pets. Over the weekend, my female dog, Chloe, developed some swelling around her lower jaw — Mars also rules inflammation! She saw the vet today. There we see the symbolism playing out. Chloe hates going to the vet and, amusingly, growls at her as soon as she walks in the room. Mars also rules injections (she had some blood drawn), so again, we see Venus (Chloe) being ‘harmed’ (having blood drawn) by Mars (the needle), as well as the general discomfort of being in a place she doesn’t like at all.  

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

On a separate note, Jupiter & Pluto are now in an almost exact conjunction. Jupiter signifies the following themes:

Someone or something coming to the rescue

Pluto signifies the following themes:

X-Ray vision — trying to see what is hidden (think conspiracies, etc)
Volcanic eruption 

So we see the COVID-19 situation ramping up again with many hospitals around the country at capacity. At the same time, Pfizer has just announced that their new vaccine is 90% effective and that they will be seeking emergency FDA approval later in the month. Interestingly, Bill Gates has has a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in his birth chart, and one of the things he is most known for besides his work with Microsoft is his work with promoting vaccines. Jupiter can be seen as the remedy and Pluto, the virus or contagion. The claims of vote fraud and conspiracies around that situation can be seen by the Jupiter Pluto conjunction also.

On a personal level, people with placements in Pisces and Sagittarius (both Jupiter ruled signs) will be really feeling a sense of deep transformation happening in their lives at the moment. The transit peaks on Friday the 13th, with a flare up of the energy late on the 11th and also the 12th as the Moon enters Libra and squares both planets. 

Well, that’s it for now. More as we enter the latter half of the month!

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