The Astrology of 2021

February Forecast Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of my February forecast!

2021 started off with a bang, that’s for sure, and February continues along similar themes with some rather disruptive energy!

Let’s talk about one of the main transits for this year. Saturn square Uranus. 

Saturn square Uranus

Saturn is the planet ruling areas of life such as government, rules & regulations, restrictions & hurdles, boundaries, negation, the word “No”, old age, isolation & seclusion, conservatism & traditionalism, & death. It is currently transiting through Aquarius, a sign related to democratization, altruism, innovation, the Internet, and AI/robotics, among other things.  

Uranus  is the planet that rules areas of life such as rebellion, revolution, innovation, paradigm shifts, genius, technology, electricity, sudden occurrences, and lightning. It is currently transiting through Taurus, which rules, among other things, financial markets. 

As you can see, the pure energies of the two planets are somewhat antithetical, and they come together via a Square aspect, which in traditional astrological texts carries the energy of Mars — signifying  tension, conflict, and sometimes a cutting of ties, in whatever shape that may take.

We can already see this playing out with the recent events on the stock market. Disruptive, innovative Uranus (millennials on Reddit), taking on huge Wall Street hedge funds (Saturn), causing huge losses for at least one fund. The SEC (Saturn) has released a statement advising that it is monitoring the situation. Trading platforms (Saturn) have also placed certain limits on certain stocks being purchased by the naughty Redditors. 

All this is occurring in the wider context of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, which in short, is quite a big deal, and signifies the start of a new 200 year cycle, full of disruption, democratization, equality, but also the rise of AI/robotics, increased electronic surveillance, and the like. There are positives and negatives to each period in history, as always. As a side note, if this causes anxiety for you, watch Surviving Death on Netflix!

So we’re seeing the very beginnings of the cycle starting to unfold. Let’s look at when the peak periods for this transit are.

The first exact hit that the two planets make is on February 17th @ 1:08pm CST. Very interestingly, the Moon will in Taurus at the same time! When it comes to major transits, the Moon is like the flame that lights the fuse and ‘activates’ the whole dynamic. So this is bound to be a day that ranks as a 10 on the AstroDramaMeter™. Have your popcorn at the ready and settle in on the couch with your laptop to watch the markets go crazy! Mind you, the days leading up to it will be dramatic also, especially once the Moon enters Taurus at 9:12pm CST on the 16th. Those of you working in Food Service, or in areas related to Art, Design, Fashion, or Beauty may also experience some big disruptions.  

Backing up a bit, this is also part of a new Moon in Aquarius, making it that much more potent. Whatever happens around the time of the new Moon will set the stage for the next chapter in the story. So monitor the news and investment forums around this time (especially Reddit) and see what is being discussed, as there is the potential for things to go nuts again on the stock market. The Moon enters Aquarius February 9th at at 7:20pm CST, and leaves February 12th at 1:23am. So be on the lookout during the period for which the Moon is in Aquarius to get an idea of what is going to happen on the 16th/17th! 

In addition to the Stockmarket, we will see themes relating to Saturn, Uranus, Aquarius & Taurus being prominent in the news and on the world stage. 

On a personal level, this month is going to be extremely powerful for those with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aquarius, or with any planet in Aquarius for that matter. Taurus people are also in for big changes. Curious to know what’s in store? A 2021 transit and eclipse written reading is available, see my Readings page for pricing and info!

As I mentioned earlier, this is part of a cycle that lasts for the year. The next two hits are on June 14th, and December 24th! Hmm, Christmas is sure to be dramatic this year… 🍿

Let’s see what else is going on this month!

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus conjoins Saturn on February 6th, making for a more sobering / somber energy in the ether the day of, and the day prior and after. Aquarius people will be primarily affected, along with Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn. Though, everyone will feel it to some extent, in matters of love, friendship, food, beauty, art, design and cinema. We may even see the passing of prominent Venusian figures (actors, models, singers). Women’s health and reproductive rights may pop up in the news again during this time. Some may experience the ending of a relationship. This is a good time to deal with any more ‘serious’ matters in the context of love and friendship. It’s also a good time to reign in spending on more luxurious items or start a new health regimen. 

Venus square Uranus

THEN.. LATER THAT DAY.. Venus squares disruptive Uranus! This adds themes of disruption or shocking/unexpected events or revelations into the mix. A shake up, wake up call, a break from the norm, or a cutting of ties. Uranus can also represent activism or revolutionary energies, so we may see some kind of protests around Women’s rights and reproductive rights occurring around this time. We can expect drama with the Markets as well, as Venus is the ruler or host of Uranus while he is transiting her sign of Taurus. Whenever a sign ruler is affected by a transit then that themes surrounding that sign become active. And given Uranus is highly charged this month by the New Moon in Aquarius, this is bound to be a somewhat intense day also. Maybe a 6 on the AstroDramaMeter™.

This will be true especially for Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn people. I would also expect developments regarding social media to occur around this time, with Venus ruling all things social, in the sign of the Internet, squaring Uranus, during a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius! See The Social Dilemma on Netflix if you are not aware of what is happening. Facebook and Apple are also battling over new restrictions Apple is bringing in that will drastically impact on Facebook’s ability to track and target people for advertising. Go Apple!

Mercury Retrograde

So yes.. Mercury is also now retrograde, having done so on January 31st. He is currently in Aquarius, bringing Aquarian matters into focus, particularly in the area of technology given that Mercury naturally rules this area, as well as Aquarius naturally having an association to new and innovative technology such as the Internet, AI/Robotics etc. This ties in further with ideas of things being shaken up in the markets due to Internet forums etc. Mercury being in retrograde brings themes of revisions, technology problems, people and things from the past coming back into our lives, etc. I would not be surprised if we see major internet outages or disruptions during the New Moon, as well as during the Saturn Uranus square, the square to Mars on February 10th, and the Full Moon on February 27th! The general advice for Mercury Retrogrades is that anything you purchase, any contract you sign, any document you write or send, may be subject to revision, return or cancellation. There is often no avoiding this of course as we can’t put our lives on hold for 3 weeks while this is happening. Being a strong believer in fate, I go with my heart/gut and do whatever needs to be done during these periods.  

Mercury conjoins with the Sun on February 8th, starting a new cycle. Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo people may have some sense of a new beginning around this time. 

Check back soon for Part 2!