Update: October 2021 — I am not currently offering readings.

Please read this page before booking a reading with me.

To book a reading, contact me and an invoice will be emailed to you which you can pay securely online with your credit card. You can also pay via Venmo, or check if you would prefer. At present, all readings are recorded sound files, apart from Horary readings which are written.

Eclipse Report Recorded sound file, download link sent by email $35

Find out what the new Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle holds in store for you. The report will detail which areas of life will be brought into focus by the eclipses. The report also includes a short section on the previous cycle in Cancer/Capricorn. An accurate time of birth is needed in order for me to give a specific, accurate reading.

Transits Recorded sound file, download link sent by email – $65

Want to know what’s in store for you over the next 6 months? This is your reading. This includes key dates for what’s occurring in key areas of your life. Transits refer to what the planets are currently doing in relation to your birth chart. As a planet approaches a geometric aspect (alignment) with one of your birth planets, it is ‘activated’, bringing that area of your chart to life. Transits involving the outer planets are life changing in subjectively positive and negative ways, though from my perspective, even so-called negative transits, are ultimately positive as we only grow as spiritual beings through challenges and difficulty. Life on Planet Earth is not meant to be easy. 🙂 Follow up questions are accepted by email.

Horary written – $35

Do you have a question? For example, “Will I get the job?”, or “How does he/she feel about me?”. Horary Astrology is a unique form of divination whereby a chart is drawn up for the time a question is asked. I.e. if you have a burning desire to know the answer to a question, a chart can be drawn up, and if fate allows, your answer will be shown in the chart. Sometimes, we are not meant to know the answer, and if it appears I cannot answer your question, I won’t charge you. Horary works best when your desire to know the answer is very strong. Certain questions will not be answered. Contact me for more information or to ask your question. I will respond with an answer within 48 hours. If urgent, please mark it as such. A fee of $20 will apply for such questions.