About Dean

I grew up in a Catholic family. Despite searching long and hard, I never found what I was looking for within Catholicism. Growing up, my Mum warned me about the dangers of ‘dabbling in the Occult’, which only intrigued me. Many years later, a dear friend introduced me to Astrology, which at the time I thought was garbage. She looked up my birthday in a book she had, listing attributes of my Sun and Moon sign. I was fascinated, as it resonated quite strongly. From there, my interest grew, and after many years of study, both formal and informal, I decided it was time to start my practice. I have been drawn to the ancient methods as they resonate the most with me, and in my opinion, are by far the most accurate. I read using Whole Sign houses. I look forward to reading for you! Read more about my approach to Astrology here.