The Astrology of 2020

The Astrology of December 2020

December is finally here! This month brings some MAJOR changes astrologically. We are just on the heels of a lunar eclipse in Gemini that occurred in the early hours of Monday morning. Gemini & Sagittarius people would be feeling this very strongly. Some of the more well known Gemini’s, Donald Trump & Mike Pence, are being affected by this, obviously, as well as Kamala Harris, who is Gemini rising. Joe Biden is Sagittarius rising. Big changes for all four players on the world stage! 

The next eclipse in the Gem/Sag series occurs on December 14 at around 9am CST. This is the big one. We may see more developments on the election situation — see this Reuters article for more perspective on further potential drama.

The long awaited Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees of Aquarius occurs on December 21 at around 11am CST. This signals many things, but for one, it brings some relief from all of the turmoil unfolding over the past couple years. Jupiter is traditionally thought of as being in it’s fall or depression in Capricorn, which is not great given that Jupiter is the greater benefic — the planet signaling ‘good’ things, vs Saturn that generally signifies difficult matters. We can expect big developments in the COVID-19 vaccine situation over the next couple months. Capricorn and Cancer people can breathe a sigh of relief with Saturn moving out of their signs by whole sign conjunction and opposition. Great Conjunctions signal many big shifts in the world, but especially when they change element. We are now entering a new 200 year cycle in Air signs. Air signs rule thought, information, communication, technology, and literally things that move in the air (infectious diseases spread by air, anyone?). My astrology teacher, Acyuta-bhava Dasa is doing a video series on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which you can watch on YouTube, if you are interested to learn more! Aquarius people will be most affected by this conjunction, but also Capricorn, Sagittarius, & Pisces people.

What else does the eclipse signal? It depends on your rising sign. The Jupiter and Saturn ruled parts of your chart will be affected, more so than others depending on the house and whether or not you have planets in them. Interested to learn more? Contact me for a written eclipse report! 

Gemini, Virgo & Sagittarius people may experience a sense of fogginess or low energy on December 13 and Mercury in Sag squares Neptune in Pisces. However, this is mitigated by an energetic trine to Mars the next day. Mercury will then be ‘reborn’ as he is consumed by the Sun’s beams on December 19, starting a new cycle. Mercury will be trine to Uranus on December 25, bringing unexpected news or developments, or a sense of liberation on this day. Capricorn people will experience this as well, particularly on December 27 as the Sun trines Uranus. Taurus people will probably feel this to some degree also.    

Libra & Taurus people will be glad to know that their ruling planet, Venus, will move out of the sign of her depression/fall (Scorpio) on December 15, where she has been since November 21. Scorpio brings themes of endings, rebirth, deep introspection, and power dynamics — a difficult place for Venusian people and areas of life. Scorpio people will have found this period difficult also, with Venusian areas of life being challenging in some way for them. 

Aries people will still be feeling energized with their ruling planet, Mars, now direct, though he is moving into a square with Pluto on December 23 (the energy will become palpable on December 22), which will be amplified by the Moon also being in Aries at the same time. This may be an intense day for both Aries and Capricorn people (Pluto is in Capricorn), as well as Scorpio people (Mars rules Scorpio). Beware of intense emotions / desires, feelings of obsession or anger on this day. Don’t do anything risky or rash! Libra people may feel it also, as the sign opposite Aries, and square with Pluto in Capricorn.

Beware of a tendency to overdo things on New Years Eve, especially Sagittarius, Taurus, Libra & Pisces people, but really, everyone, after the year we have all had, with Venus squaring intoxicating Neptune on December 30, with the energies of this transit more than likely spilling over into December 31. The Moon will be in party loving Leo, trine to Venus on New Years Eve, opposite excessive Jupiter, so it’s bound to be a hell of a (socially distanced) party!

As always, feel free to contact me if you need a reading. I am transitioning to primarily written readings, being the introvert that I am, with phone readings being offered also. $35 eclipse reports are available! Gemini & Sagittarius people, take note! 

Love to all! <3 

November 2020 The Astrology of 2020

November 2020 – Mars Direct, Venus square Capricorn line-up, Mercury opposite Uranus

Mars Direct — signs most affected: Aries & Scorpio 

Happy Saturday! It is cold & gloomy here in Duluth, MN. But I am happy, as today, Mars has gone direct. This is a big deal for Aries & Scorpio people (I’m Aries rising), as Mars rules both of these signs. Mars has been retrograde since September 10. Themes of reversal, setbacks, revisions, and weakness are all associated with retrogrades, and especially so, with Mars being in a whole sign square to Saturn, and the rest of the drama happening in Capricorn! Aries & Scorpio people will be starting to feel like things are finally starting to move forward and get back on track. 

Venus squares Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn — signs most affected: Capricorn, Taurus & Libra 

Meanwhile, Venus is starting to move into a square with Pluto, the planet of deep transformation, obsession, secrets, power and control. Capricorn, Taurus & Libra people will be starting to get a sense of this and may feel like they are going through some kind of transformation right now. Relationships in general may feel especially intense. Things may be coming to a head in some form or another. If you have something to get off your chest, now is the time. This transit is exact tomorrow, so if things are tense with your significant other at the moment, know that it’s in the stars! 

After the square to Pluto, Venus will square Jupiter, the planet of excess and gain on Monday. Jupiter can have a liberating energy about it, but can also speak of excess, so beware of urges to indulge too much. The Moon will enter Capricorn late on Tuesday, squaring Venus and activating the whole dynamic once again. 

Venus then squares Saturn on Thursday. Saturn can feel very heavy, but try to use this energy to do things that have been neglected or that you’ve been procrastinating about. Saturn also rules the principle of reduction, so cutting things from your life that are not serving you is a good thing to do around this time. The fact that social distancing and lockdowns are ramping up again is very much in line with this transit, Saturn being the planet of restriction, with Venus ruling social gatherings. 

Mercury opposes Uranus — signs most affected: Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini & Virgo 

This is the third and final pass Mercury will make with Uranus, which goes exact on the 17th. Expect technology issues, unexpected communications or news, or a sense of feeling wired or scatterbrained. Uranus disrupts, so try to go with the flow and not get too upset If things don’t go to plan. We may also hear of some kind of development with vote recounts, or postal votes around this time. 

That’s it for now.. remember, the next eclipse in Gemini / Sagittarius is at the end of the month so the energy is very intense right now! If you’re interested in learning how these will affect you, I am now offering written eclipse readings for $35! Contact me if you are interested to learn more. Love & light to all! <3 

The Astrology of 2020

November 2020 – Eclipses, Venus Mars opposition, Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

So it’s been a little while since my last post.. the Mercury Retrograde was particularly challenging for me as Mercury rules so much in my chart, and the square to the planets in Capricorn proved to be very draining. I’m very glad that it’s direct again and beyond the reach of Saturn!

Gemini / Sagittarius Eclipses

What’s on the radar? We’re now leading into eclipse season.. Eclipses signal major change in the areas of life signified by the signs they fall in. We are currently in the Gemini / Sagittarius eclipse cycle, with the first eclipse in the series taking place June 5th. People most affected by this would be people with Gemini or Sagittarius rising, or with the Sun or Moon in these signs. But everyone is affected to some extent or another. The beginning of an eclipse cycle signals endings & new beginnings in a given area of life. The area of life is determined by which houses the signs occupy in your birth chart. Interested to learn more? I am now offering written eclipse reports, which outline the changes you can expect through to the end of 2021. The next couple of eclipses occur as follows:

Lunar Eclipse Nov 30 – 08° Gem 45′

Solar Eclipse Dec 14 – 23° Sag 07′

On a general level, we can expect the following areas of life and general themes to become more prominent in current events and in the news:

Technology (Bitcoin is starting to rise in price again!)
Commerce & Banking

Fundamentalism / Dogmatism

Venus opposite Mars

What else is going on? Well, today, Venus and Mars are in an exact opposition with mutual debilitation. Both planets are in their own signs, in a place of rulership, but ‘receive’ each other into a condition of detriment or exile. What does this mean? Well, Venus signifies women & femininity, love, harmony, friendship, art & music, food & wine, & sex. Mars signifies men, masculinity, the military, willpower and drive, anger, things that cut or burn, weapons, accidents, etc. So we have the masculine & feminine planets, in an opposition (at odds with each other), not wanting to leave their place of comfort / power, feeling a sense of exile or being out of place if they are forced to do so. On a societal level, we may see a combination of these themes pop up in the news. On a personal level, things may be strained in relationships over the next couple days. Especially for people with Libra & Aries prominent in their charts. Scorpio & Taurus people will also feel it to some degree. Depending on where your Venus & Mars are, it could manifest in a variety of ways. 

For example, for me, I have Venus in Virgo in the 6th house of pets. Over the weekend, my female dog, Chloe, developed some swelling around her lower jaw — Mars also rules inflammation! She saw the vet today. There we see the symbolism playing out. Chloe hates going to the vet and, amusingly, growls at her as soon as she walks in the room. Mars also rules injections (she had some blood drawn), so again, we see Venus (Chloe) being ‘harmed’ (having blood drawn) by Mars (the needle), as well as the general discomfort of being in a place she doesn’t like at all.  

Jupiter conjunct Pluto

On a separate note, Jupiter & Pluto are now in an almost exact conjunction. Jupiter signifies the following themes:

Someone or something coming to the rescue

Pluto signifies the following themes:

X-Ray vision — trying to see what is hidden (think conspiracies, etc)
Volcanic eruption 

So we see the COVID-19 situation ramping up again with many hospitals around the country at capacity. At the same time, Pfizer has just announced that their new vaccine is 90% effective and that they will be seeking emergency FDA approval later in the month. Interestingly, Bill Gates has has a Jupiter Pluto conjunction in his birth chart, and one of the things he is most known for besides his work with Microsoft is his work with promoting vaccines. Jupiter can be seen as the remedy and Pluto, the virus or contagion. The claims of vote fraud and conspiracies around that situation can be seen by the Jupiter Pluto conjunction also.

On a personal level, people with placements in Pisces and Sagittarius (both Jupiter ruled signs) will be really feeling a sense of deep transformation happening in their lives at the moment. The transit peaks on Friday the 13th, with a flare up of the energy late on the 11th and also the 12th as the Moon enters Libra and squares both planets. 

Well, that’s it for now. More as we enter the latter half of the month!

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The Astrology of 2020

October 2020 – Mercury Retrograde

How’s everyone doing? Thankfully, October is almost half over. The astrology of this month is one of the worst of the year! What’s in store for the next few days? Well, Mercury went retrograde today. What does this mean? 

Mercury rules things like communication, language, the mind, postal and delivery services, commerce technology, and comedians. It also rules the concepts of deconstruction, editing, sorting, etc. 

When a planet goes retrograde, it signifies different things in relation to any of the above topics, in addition to the houses it rules in your individual chart (i.e. the houses that Gemini and Virgo fall within):

– reversals
– revisions
– something/someone coming back from the past
– delays
– miscommunications

The most common things people experience during Mercury retrograde are delays, miscommunications, travel delays, and technology problems. 

We can expect more developments in the news regarding the US Postal Service situation, mail-in voting, etc. The general advice most Astrologers have for people during this period is not to sign contracts, as there are often revisions or people backing out once Mercury goes direct. Though sometimes this works out well, i.e. a contract that is revising something, like a mortgage refinance. 

What else will Mercury doing while it’s retrograde? 

– Another opposition to Uranus will occur on October 20th. This will amp up the effects of the retrograde, adding extra disruption, sudden/unforeseen events, etc. Expect technology problems to be worse than normal on this day, and the couple days leading up to it. The positive expressions of a transit like this would include breaking free from something, revolutionizing a particular area of your life, having a liberating conversation, doing something ground breaking, writing some unusual poetry/lyrics or music. Mercury last opposed Uranus on October 8th. One of our dogs knocked my windows laptop off the table that day and the screen broke! 

Signs most affected:

– Scorpio
– Taurus
– Gemini
– Virgo

– Another square to Saturn around Election Day. Saturn rules things like roadblocks, delays, restrictions etc. So we can expect the vote count to be somewhat of a debacle, with a re-count possibly being called for at some point after Mercury goes direct on the 4th. General intensification around Mercury retrograde themes will be present around this period. Mercury was last square to Saturn on September 3rd. Whatever was happening around that day may resurface or develop further. 

Signs most affected:

– Libra
– Capricorn
– Gemini
– Virgo

Fun & games! Remember though, this too shall pass!


October 2020 – Moon enters Cancer, Mars square Pluto

How was that Gemini Moon with the Mercury Uranus opposition? Yesterday, one of our dogs (Mercury rules my 6th house of pets) knocked my laptop off the table and the screen broke.. perfect symbolism of the transit. Knowing the astrology makes it almost entertaining, seeing how the energy chooses to manifest, instead of exasperating. Thankfully, the data on the laptop is still intact.

What’s happening today? The Moon has just entered her home sign of Cancer. This is a sign associated with: 

– water
– women
– fertility
– home, family & tribe
– nursing & healthcare in general
– emotions
– music
– atmosphere

Prior to the past 2.5 years, which have brought a lot of drama via the train wreck in Capricorn (eclipses, Saturn/Pluto etc), the Moon being in her own sign would be a positive transit. Instead, it has ‘activated’ the drama fest in Capricorn, which we can expect until Saturn enters Aquarius in December.

People with planets in Capricorn & Cancer will know all of this too well (Aries & Libra also to a lesser degree). Thankfully, we are well within the tail end of this chapter, though the Mars retrograde is providing us with a couple final challenges.. like a final level boss. By this stage, however, you know the ropes and you’ve got this!

What is Mars doing? Having just passed a square with Saturn, he is now applying to a square with Pluto.. The Moon in Cancer activates this dynamic. 

Mars signifies:

– police & the military 
– masculine energy (can veer into toxic masculinity with Mars being in Aries)
– things that cut or burn (whether than be an oven, or just fire)
– drive & ambition
– anger, aggression & violence

Pluto signifies:

– secrets, & that which is hidden
– corruption
– power
– desire & obsession
– death, rebirth & deep transformation

Pluto transforms whatever it comes into contact with.. often destroying it so that it can be rebuilt from scratch, in a form that is more healthy and sustainable.

So we can expect to see more dramatic headlines in the news the next couple days mirroring the above themes. 

Signs feeling this the most will be:

– Aries
– Capricorn
– Libra
– Cancer
– Scorpio

Share your experiences in the comments!

The Astrology of 2020

October 2020 – The Moon enters Gemini, Mercury opposes Uranus

The Moon is now in Gemini! This is a sign associated with the mental faculty, thoughts & ideas, communication, technology, humor, and the trickster archetype. 

What does the Moon want to bring about while she is in Gemini? On a general level, there is often a ‘frenetic’, busy energy in the air while the Moon is here. Think of the atmosphere of the local marketplace—pre COVID, of course!

Let’s look at what the Moon’s host, Mercury is doing. Mercury is almost in an exact opposition to Uranus, the planet of liberation, revolution, reversal, sudden / shocking occurrences, lightning, genius, & the avant-garde. At a broad level, Mercury signifies thoughts, communication (this includes postal/delivery services) & technology. The opposition goes exact tomorrow, October 7th. 

What might this bring about? 

– Unexpected news or communications
– Wires getting crossed
– Technology problems (specifically electrical problems)
– News or developments regarding technology and finance (i.e. bitcoin)
– Developments regarding the US Postal Service situation
– Delays with packages
– Journalists/writers being in the news for unexpected or shocking reasons

Mercury being in Scorpio also brings in an additional layer of meaning. Scorpio can represent that which is hidden, themes of death, transformation, passion, desire, intuition. 

In my family, in the past couple of days (the energy of the opposition starts comes into effect within 10 degrees or so), we have received news of the death of a family member, as well as another family member being diagnosed with cancer.

Signs being most affected by this transit are:

– Gemini
– Scorpio
– Taurus
– Virgo

Anyone can be affected by this, based on your natal chart and which house (area of life) Gemini occupies in your chart. 

Mars is also applying to a square with Pluto, which will go exact October 9th. 

Mars is associated with drive, ambition, aggression, anger, the armed forces, & men in general. Pluto has similar significations to the sign of Scorpio, in fact, many modern astrologers say that Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio, which is a topic for another post. Pluto intensifies (to put it lightly) whatever it comes into contact with. So we’re seeing the themes of war, anger, the armed forces etc coming together with themes of death, secrets, corruption, purgative action, things coming to a head, etc. 

I’ll write more about this as the date approaches. 

Share your experiences in the comments!

The Astrology of 2020

October 2020 – Moon enters Taurus

The Moon is now in Taurus! The Moon is considered to be ‘exalted’ in Taurus, so there is usually a nicer, more harmonious energy in the air while she is here.. however, since Uranus, the planet of disruption, liberation, revolution, sudden developments, reversals (among other things) entered Taurus in May 2018, there has been more of an energy of change when it comes to Taurean areas of life. Taurean people may be experiencing some kind of change or transformation in their lives, beginning around the time that Uranus entered Taurus.

Adding to this sense of sudden change is the fact that Mercury (in the opposite sign of Scorpio) is moving into an opposition with Uranus. The Moon entering Taurus ‘activates’ this dynamic, triggering the changes that Mercury and Uranus wish to bring about.

This could manifest in the following ways:

– Technology, and more specifically, electrical problems
– Sudden shocking news or conversations, especially around Scorpio ruled areas of life (corruption, hidden matters coming to light, death, deep transformation)
– Disruptions to postal and delivery services
– Financial/market disruption/developments (Taurus rules money and markets) — potentially developments around Cryptocurrency
– Sudden events in general, depending on where Scorpio/Taurus fall in your chart

Signs most affected by this are:

– Scorpio
– Taurus
– Gemini
– Virgo

This energy will be in effect until the Moon enters Gemini on Sunday, 10/6 @ 12:04am EDT. At this point, the disruptive energy of the Mercury Uranus opposition will be felt more poignantly by Gemini people. More about that once the Moon enters Gemini!

The Astrology of 2020

October 2020 – Full Moon in Aries

It’s a Full Moon in Aries! This morning, a Cardinal came to my window, which is a bird that is associated with Mars/Aries, given it’s color, temperament etc — it’s the bird in the video game “Angry Birds”! Mercury is also moving into an opposition with Uranus (more about that once the Moon moves into Taurus).

Today we can expect:

– A situation coming to a head — enough is enough!
– High energy
– Heated tempers, heated exchanges
– Technology problems (my car is having electrical issues yet again!)
– A tendency towards impulsive behavior
– Themes of balance in relationships being in the spotlight

Full moons often bring drama of some kind, so do whatever you have to do to stay balanced, and be kind to yourself and others today/tomorrow! Make sure to have some emergency wine & chocolate on hand.

The ruler of Aries, Mars is currently retrograde and is in a tight square with Saturn. When a planet is retrograde, there is an energy of revision, or something or someone from the past coming back into your life (often a Man during Mars rx). Saturn is all about limitation and restriction, which although is difficult to go through, allows us to gain perspective on what really matters, and to grow. Pressure produces diamonds, as my Mum used to say.

This transit is most poignant for people with planets/placements in:

– Aries
– Libra
– Capricorn
– Cancer

Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini & Virgo people will be starting to feel an energy of disruption, revolution, or encounter something unexpected or out of the blue over the next 2 – 3 days. Though, depending on whether you have planets in these signs, other sun/moon/rising signs may encounter something like this also. Share your experiences in the comments!

The Astrology of 2020

September 2020 Forecasts

Welcome to my September Horoscopes! How’s everyone doing? Probably a little shell shocked from the first part of the Mars Saturn square in the last week of August.. I know I am! The first stage of it is complete (most intense periods were August 23/24, and then August 28 – 30). Mars is starting to slow down and will turn retrograde on September 11. He will then move back into a square with Saturn again on September 29 (though you will feel the effects a few days prior). The first square brought us further violence with the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, WI on August 23 (I wrote about the potential for further violence on my last blog post, here). So we unfortunately may see more of the same kind of themes as Mars retrogrades back into a square with Saturn on the 29th. Other periods of intensity are when the Moon is in difficult aspect with Mars and Saturn (i.e. when it’s in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). These periods are as follows (all times in CDT):

Moon enters Aries September 3 3:21pm and leaves September 6 3:43am

Moon enters Cancer September 11 3:22am and leaves September 13 10:32am

Moon enters Libra September 17 1:55pm and leaves September 19 1:32pm

Moon enters Capricorn (drama alert!) September 23 6:16pm and leaves September 26 1:07am

Moon enters Aries again September 30 9:46pm

On a more personal level, the Aries and Capricorn people will be feeling this transit the most viscerally, with Scorpio and Aquarius people also feeling the heat (both being Mars & Saturn ruled). Most people will feel it on some level based on the houses that Aries and Capricorn occupy in your chart. Don’t know your rising sign? Comment / DM me on Facebook with your date, place and time of birth & I’ll tell you! See my last post for more info on the transit as well as the areas of life it may be impacting in for you!

On to more general topics.. We are now in Virgo season. There is a strong correlation with the symbolism of a sign, and the time of year it falls within. As an example, Aries, marking the beginning of Spring, is a sign associated with new beginnings, youthful exuberance, as well as impatience – after the long cold winter! Virgo, being the sign that falls at the end of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, is the sign of the Harvest Maiden. At the end of the growing season, the harvest needs to be picked and sorted. These are tasks associated with the energy of Virgo. Virgo people are known for their sharp minds and ability to deconstruct, edit, sort, and think critically. Being detail oriented, however, Virgo people can become overwhelmed and scatterbrained very easily, if too much is put on their plate. Being a sign associated with editing, Virgo season is a perfect time to edit out whatever is not serving you or overwhelming you at this difficult time. It’s also strongly associated with the theme of Health, so it’s also a good time to start to slow down from the excesses of Summer, and start to wind down in preparation for Fall. Start taking your Vitamin D as cooler weather sets in, and regroup / organize before the cooler weather gets here.

Mercury, as the ruler of Virgo gives further clues for the themes of this years Virgo season based on the aspects he makes to other planets during this period.

He starts off in a trine (harmonious aspect) to the drama fest in Capricorn. We may potentially see some small developments in the treatment of Covid-19, or in how better to manage it on a societal level this month. The Full Moon may bring the topic of Health, & Healthcare in general to light on a national scale. On a personal level, perhaps matters relating to whatever the Capricorn dynamic has been bringing into your life are finding some kind of resolution. Or at the least, a plan is being formulated on how to resolve this. See this post for more info on the dynamic occurring in Capricorn.

What else is happening this month?

Venus starts the month off with an opposition to Saturn, bringing Venusian matters (love, sex, beauty, art, friendship, women) into focus, but through the lens of overcoming difficulty or challenge. Taurus and Libra people take note as Venus is your sign ruler, so if you’re feeling a little off or facing a challenge, just know that it should ease up by September 3rd, and definitely a sense of relief when she enters Leo on September 6th.

Other challenging aspects this month are shown by the opposition of Mercury to Mars on September 24. As Mercury will be in the sign of Libra, conversations will be had around finding balance, equilibrium, harmony, justice and equality, juxtaposed with the challenging themes of Mars in Aries square to Saturn (anger, violence, toxic masculinity, police reform etc, the armed forces). Libra & Aries people will feel this the strongest in their personal lives, with Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio people also feeling it to an extent. As Mercury rules technology, there may be problems as the opposition goes exact, or a potential for technology to overheat (Mars in Aries is very hot!).

Now, for some sign specific forecasts. These will apply most strongly to your rising sign, but will also have significance to your Sun, Moon and ascendant ruler also.

You are really feeling the heat this month! Challenge your feelings of anger or frustration into healthy outlets and work to overcome the blockages that have been coming up for you in the past couple weeks. This transit is all about learning patience and putting new structures in place that will better serve you. You may make a break from a situation that you have outgrown.

A potentially emotional or challenging start to the month for you Taurus. Be wary of overindulging during this period. Things will calm down by September 6, where you’ll be feeling more outgoing and energized.

Your month starts off on a good note, with your ruling planet, Mercury situated well in it’s own sign of Virgo. Though, critical, detailed Virgo is somewhat at odds with eclectic Gemini – you may be feeling a little more nit picky or introspective than normal and not as chatty.

The past couple years have been very challenging for you with the eclipses happening in your sign. Things are drawing to a close and overall should not be so intense for you next year. For this month though, you may be feeling a sense of anger or frustration with Mars squaring your sign. Changes in home and family could be happening. Channel this energy into creative outlets and try not to overindulge in intoxicants. Find solace in music and try to get out of the house for a change of scenery if possible.

With your ruler, the Sun, now in Virgo, your focus is on the finer details of life, on health matters, or matters to do with pets. Use this time to refine, edit, and address whatever you have been neglecting in recent times. You may be feeling more introspective at this time. Leo people can experience depression as the signs of Fall start to appear to stay positive and perhaps start planning your fabulous costume for Halloween!

Happy birthday to the Virgo Sun people! Your Virgo powers are heightened at present with your ruler, Mercury, present in his sign until September 6, when he enters the sign of the scales, Libra. At that point, Libran topics may become more prominent. Themes of finding balance, equilibrium, equality, relationships, give and take. You may feel more social during this period, or matters relating to aesthetics and beauty may become activated. Watch out for the Mercury Mars opposition later in the month (see above).

Like the Taurus folk, a slight rocky start to the month as your ruler, Venus, opposes Saturn. Things should feel more in balance by the 6th. Incidentally, this is also when Mercury enters your sign, so Mercury ruled areas of life become more prominent (communication, writing, editing, humor, technology). A good time to have any discussions that need to be had, especially as Mercury opposes Mars later in the month (see above). Beware of harsh words, though your skills of diplomacy should see you through!

Like the Aries people, Scorpio folk are having a bit of a rough time with the Mars Saturn square. You may be feeling restricted or challenged due to circumstances beyond your control, that have come to a head in the last week of August or thereabouts. Thankfully, you are not as hot headed as the Aries folk so you should have an easier time keeping your cool. You do not enjoy not having control of the situation, but all you can do is wait for this particularly difficult period to pass, which will happen by early October.

Jupiter, your ruling planet has been in a pretty challenging place this year, in the sign of it’s fall or depression (Capricorn). This has not been an easy year for you. Though, the Sun in Virgo forms a trine to Jupiter and the other planets in Capricorn, so there may be more of a sense of ease (especially in comparison to June/July). Keep up the hard work you’ve been putting in.. slow and steady wins the race.

Wow, how are you doing? You’ve been really going through it, most recently the last week of August or thereabouts. The latest hurdle probably has you feeling heated, something that is not generally characteristic for you, but you’re being faced with a situation that needs to change. Things will come to a head late this month. Be patient, level headed, and things will work out as they need to.

There may have been some challenges for you in the last week or so of August. Your usually cool headed nature might be a little warmer than normal. 2020 isn’t messing around! Like the Capricorns, trust the process and whatever change needs to be made will come to fruition by early next month.

Like the Sagittarians, you’ve been having a difficult time this year with your ruling planet, Jupiter, in a difficult spot in Capricorn. You may be finding it really challenging just to deal with every day life. Things should ease up once Jupiter enters Aquarius in mid December. Keep the faith – you’re in the home stretch now.

I hope you found these useful. I would love your feedback so feel free to DM me on Facebook, or send me an email!

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The Astrology of 2020

August 2020 – Mars Square Saturn

Wow, where did the past couple weeks go? Many apologies for my horoscopes not getting out on time. As everyone alive on Planet Earth has experienced this year, things don’t always go to plan with all the craziness that 2020 is throwing at us all. Ugh!

As the month is half over, I’ll be focusing on the next couple major transits coming over the remainder of the month. The first is Mars square Saturn. I’ll focus on the remaining transits in a future post.

Mars square Saturn

Mars has been building up to a square with Saturn. What is a square, you ask? It is a 90 degree alignment between two planets, and the energy of a square is one of tension, potential conflict, or potential severance/cutting ties. The positive manifestation of the square can be like the kick in the rear you need to get something done. Let’s talk a little about Mars and Saturn. 

Mars rules:

  • The Military
  • Male sexuality
  • Power, drive, aggression, force
  • Objects that burn, or cut
  • Weapons

Saturn rules:

  • Winter
  • Authority
  • Government
  • Restriction, limitation, hurdles & setbacks
  • Older people
  • Conservatism
  • Winter
  • The Hermit archetype

These are just a few themes associated with each planet, but you get the idea.

So we are seeing a combination of the two energies. A drive for freedom, and a limiting force. We can see this on a national scale with increasing clashes between police and protestors, and government crackdown. As the square gets closer to being exact on August 24, this is going to intensify. Keep an eye out for events on a national scale that fit the descriptions above leading up to the exact square.

The Moon will be entering Capricorn (where Saturn is) on August 27 at 1:37pm EDT, which will reactivate the dynamic for 2.5 days. 

How will this affect you personally? Well, it depends on your rising sign, and whether you have any planets in Aries and Capricorn, though you’ll feel it on some level regardless depending on which houses Aries and Capricorn fall within. Given that Saturn is involved, and has been part of the whole saga of the Cancer / Capricorn eclipse cycle that started in January 2019, there may be an element of “THIS AGAIN?!”, or trying to break free / finalize something that has been a hinderance the past 18 months or so.

Below is a snapshot based on your rising sign. You’ll experience this as some kind of tension between the areas of life ruled by the houses below. Why is this useful to know? Forewarned is forearmed, and it’s comforting to know that whatever drama is unfolding in one’s life is somehow part of the overall cosmic plan. I’ll write more on fate vs free will in a future blog post. 

Find out your rising sign here! You’ll need your date, place & time of birth. The time is what determines the rising sign so it is very important that it be accurate. Your rising sign is listed in Red on the chart that comes up and will be listed as “Ascendant: Sign”. It will look something like the below image, which in this case has an Aries rising sign:

Houses affected by this transit based on your rising sign

Scroll down further for the meanings of the houses!

1st & 10th houses

12th & 9th houses

11th & 8th houses

10th & 7th houses

9th & 6th houses

8th & 5th houses

7th & 4th houses

6th & 3rd houses

5th & 2nd houses

1st & 4th houses

12th & 3rd houses

11th & 2nd houses

House Meanings

1st house
You, your appearance, your health & vitality

2nd house
Money, finances, possessions, food

3rd house
Local travel, siblings, cousins, early learning, writing & communication, self expression

4th house
Home, family, roots, fathers, real estate, land, underground things, buried treasure

5th house
Sex, pleasure, sports & recreation, creativity, children

6th house
Health & illness, daily grind, work, service, pets & small animals

7th house
The Other, close friendships, marriage, romantic & business partnerships, lawsuits

8th house
Taxes, insurance, partner’s money, loss, death, inheritance

9th house
Religion, spirituality, astrology, prophecy, divination, higher education, publishing, broadcasting, foreign / long distance travel, international matters, partner’s siblings and cousins

10th house
Career, reputation, public image, mothers, partner’s home, family & father

11th house
Hopes and dreams, benefactors, allies, networks, friends & acquaintances

12th house
The shadow self, subconscious, habits that lead to self undoing, hospitals, prisons, monasteries

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