The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of March – Part 1

How on Earth is it March already? Time is such a blur for me in recent times. So much happens in such a short space of time. I think our brains are still adjusting to so much information being processed on a daily basis… anyhow, onto the topic at hand — the March forecast! This month is less dramatic than February, thankfully. I for one am relieved.

Let’s see what’s happening. 

Venus sextile Uranus — March 3rd

This is somewhat of a minor aspect but can bring some sense of breakthrough or something unexpected in matters of love, friendship, art, music, design and beauty. As Venus is in Pisces this will affect Pisces people mainly, but also Taurus as she rules Taurus, and Uranus is also currently transiting through Taurus. 

Venus in Pisces — transiting until March 21st

Venus will be transiting through the sign of her exaltation until March 21st, when she enters fiery Aries. When a planet is in exaltation, the matters of life that it rules become strengthened and positive. This signals harmony in love and friendships, particularly for Pisces and Taurus people, but also just general nice Venusian events unfolding. It’s a good time for creativity, so put it to good use!

Mars enters Gemini — March 3rd

The God of War enters the place of the Trickster and will be staying here until April 23rd when he enters the place of the Mother, the sign of Cancer. Gemini people may have extra energy and drive during this time period, but there is also the potential for outbursts of anger. So be sure to channel extra energy into healthy outlets. Mars rules men on a general level so there may be a man or martial figure that pops up or is prominent in your life during this period. 

Mercury conjunct Jupiter — March 4th

Mercury is now direct after a particularly gross retrograde period and will be conjoining with Jupiter once again. When it happened the last time, it felt particularly weird to me and to a couple people I talked to with Gemini prominent in their charts (Mercury rules Gemini). Both planets are currently in Aquarius, which is a sign that on a broad level can be very unemotional and detached. Almost robotic in some cases. Fun fact — the actor that plays Data on Star Trek, Brent Spiner, has a Mercury Sun conjunction in Aquarius. Anyhow, the last time, it was February 14th or 15th. I don’t recall the date exactly, the conjunction lasted a couple days. But I remembered feeling quite robotic / unemotional and just kind of weird and detached. Mercury rules many part of my chart so in many ways I am quite Mercurial. Anyhow, Mercury was retrograde at that point so I don’t expect it will feel exactly the same this time, especially as the Sun is no longer in Aquarius, and now transiting watery, dreamy Pisces. But if you are feeling kind of odd on March 4th, especially Gemini and Virgo people, that is why! Aquarius people may be feeling chattier than normal as Jupiter amplifies whatever it comes into contact with, and Mercury rules communication. Jupiter also provides assistance wherever it is transiting, so there may be something good that occurs on this date in the context of Mercury ruled areas of life — technology, communication, news, travel, etc. We may see some developments in cryptocurrency on this date. 

Sun conjunct Neptune — March 10th

The Sun conjoins watery, foggy, illusory Neptune on March 10th. Pisces and Leo people may feel particularly spacey or creative on this day. Sensitivity is heightened on this day, so beware of overindulgence or feelings of overwhelm. Neptune can obfuscate matters so things may not be quite as they appear during this period. 

Venus conjunct Neptune — March 13th

The planet of Love then has her conjunction with Neptune on March 13th. Again, a good day for creativity and inspiration, and fantasy/escape, but beware of deception in matters of the heart! For most people this won’t be a concern, but if there is a situation in your love life where the waters are not clear and there is some suspicion around motives, beware of events occurring around this time period. Pisces, Taurus and Libra people will feel this the most. 

Mercury enters Pisces — March 15th

Mercury, the Trickster and Messenger enters dreamy, poetic Pisces on March 15th. Mercury is in the sign of it’s fall or depression in Pisces, so this can be a somewhat challenging period in terms of mental health, especially for people who have Mercury ruled areas in their chart — Gemini and Virgo people. There is always a positive though. Poets and songwriters often have Mercury in Pisces natally — this is a placement of great creativity and inspiration for all matters relating to writing and communication. This can be a period of heightened creativity if you are able to put it to good use. Don’t beat yourself up, however, if this doesn’t happen. Exercise greater self care throughout this period! Pisces people may have Mercury ruled areas of life become more prominent during this time. 

Check back soon for part 2!