A total solar eclipse in Sagittarius

It’s Eclipse day! 

The Solar Eclipse will be exact at 10:16am CST. This is a big day for Sagittarius & Gemini people. Note that even if you are not born during the month of Sag/Gem, you may have your Moon, Ascendant (Rising sign), or other planets in these signs!

Eclipse’s signal major change in the area of life pointed to in the chart. If today is a little intense, this is why! What can we expect?

The chart of the US (Sibley chart) is Sagittarius rising — today we may see interesting developments nationally, especially regarding the election saga. Sagittarius is a sign that can be associated with activism, dogmatic/puritanical thought and behavior, and going to extremes. It is possible we will see manifestations of that today. 

Mercury is under the beams of the Sun, within 3 degrees, and in “detriment” in Sagittarius. Expect miscommunications, dogmatic conversations, and technology issues. Since the last eclipse, I have heard multiple reports from friends / loved ones of hacking / scams — this is a manifestation of Mercury being in detriment with eclipses happening in Gemini, a sign associated with commerce and technology, and the Trickster archetype (when Mercury is not well placed or in poor condition).  Mercury, being hidden under the sun’s beams can also lend a sense of someone being secretive or not altogether open about something. Make sure you double check important correspondence before sending or important details before signing contracts!

As always during Eclipses, be kind to yourself and do whatever you need to do to get through the day if everything goes to hell!

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