The Astrology of 2021

January 2021

A belated Happy New Year to my beloved readers. I’m sure everyone is still reeling from 2020, as well as the events of the past few days.. the eclipses that occurred in November/December have stirred up a lot of drama.. I’ll be doing a 2021 post sometime soon, but for now, I’ll be focusing on January. 

New Moon in Capricorn

Let’s start with the New Moon in Capricorn, occurring today. Capricorn is the sign that has general rulership of things like Government, Business, Law & Order, Conservatism/Traditionalism.. it is fitting that the inauguration takes place during a lunation cycle in Capricorn. With the prominence of the far right in current events, this lunation cycle is sure to be very interesting, especially as the New Moon takes place within 1 degree of Pluto! This is a massive indicator for a very dramatic month. Pluto is the planet of deep, profound change. It also speaks to toxicity being dredged up and purged, which is never pleasant. But it has to be done in order to begin anew and for new growth to occur. 

We can see this playing out in the Republican Party, which will be doing some very deep soul searching in the wake of the Trump Presidency. Also, the New Moon takes place within 1 degree opposite Mercury in the US birth chart (Sibley chart) — it is interesting that this is occurring just as Parler has been booted off of Amazon’s AWS hosting service, and their app removed from both Google Play and the Apple App store. Mercury rules technology, communication, & social media, so this is all happening right on schedule astrologically. There will most likely be interesting developments with this when the Moon enters Cancer in the afternoon of the 25th (CST), and even more so during the Full Moon in Leo. The Moon enters Leo on the 27th and is full on the 28th at around 1:15pm CST.    

We may see significant developments in terms of the pandemic, as Pluto has some rulership over this. 

People most affected by this lunation cycle will be Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo people. The Full Moon will be when this will be felt most strongly, as well as when the Moon is in Aries, on the 18th/19th. 

Let’s see what else is happening this month. 

January 13th

Venus trine Uranus

Venus trines Uranus on the 13th, bringing unexpected positive developments in the general areas of love, friendship, art/design/aesthetics, music, and food — the areas of life over which Venus is the natural ruler. Venus as the ruler of Taurus aspecting Uranus in Taurus may also bring unexpected developments in the markets, particularly in cryptocurrencies. 

People most affected by this transit are Taurus, Capricorn, and to a lesser extent, Libra

Mars square Saturn

A potential feeling of driving with the parking brake on today, particularly for Aries and Scorpio people. Taurus, Aquarius and Capricorn people may experience some sense of tension involving a limiting factor of some kind also. Possible tension between government officials and the armed forces, or police. 

January 14th

Sun conjunct Pluto

An overall intense day as the Sun conjoins with Pluto, God of the Underworld. Expect things that have been hidden to come to the surface, intense emotions, power play, and further drama on the political stage. A good day to get things out into the open that need to be dealt with. 

People most affected by this transit are Capricorn.

January 17th

Jupiter square Uranus

Jupiter natural ruler of Justice, Law, Higher Education, and International Travel/Affairs squares rebellious, revolutionary Uranus. There may be some kind of unexpected or unusual legal development within the context of the current political drama. Jupiter can also ‘increase’ whatever it comes into contact with, so this may in some sense set the stage for Mars’ upcoming conjunction with Uranus on the 20th. 

Aquarius and Taurus people may experience this on a personal level as something unexpected, with an energy of excess or inner conflict. Channel any excess energy proactively into healthy outlets. Pisces and Sagittarius people may feel this too, to a lesser extent. 

January 20th — Inauguration Day

Mars conjunct Uranus

The day starts off with the Moon in fiery Aries, which then moves into Taurus at 12:56pm CST. Mars conjoins Uranus exactly a couple hours later. Mars, ruler of aggression, violence, and general strife, conjoined with Uranus, ruler of rebellion and revolutionary acts, does not make for peaceful planetary weather for Inauguration Day, unfortunately. 

On a personal level, Taurus people may experience some kind of disruption, outburst of anger, or unexpected events occuring during this transit. Aries & Scorpio people may experience it also to a lesser extent. Proactively channel any excess energy into a physical outlet. Disconnect from the political drama and have an impromptu dance party in your living room!

January 23rd

Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun conjoins Saturn today in aloof Aquarius. A more cerebral/detached energy combined with a touch of quirkiness as the Moon is in Gemini. Expect possible developments regarding Bitcoin/Social Media. 

Also, with the eclipse cycle currently occurring in Gemini/Sagittarius, expect further developments in whatever area of life is being activated for you, every time the Moon is in Gemini and Sagittarius. 

Aquarius, Gemini & Sagittarius people may feel this energy most strongly. 

Mars square Jupiter

Nationally, conflict or aggression, possibly relating to Law/legal wrangling on the political stage.  

On a personal level, increased energy levels today, perhaps a sense of agitation. Channel excess energy into healthy outlets. 

January 25 – 27

The Moon enters Cancer at 12:53pm CST 1/27. In recent times, whenever the Moon is in Capricorn or Cancer it’s a drama fest. Not as much now that Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, but still, given Pluto is there, and Venus is approaching a conjunction to Pluto. Also, the US has a Cancer Sun, so the Moon being in Cancer makes for heightened activity on a national level when the Moon is here. 

With the approaching conjunction of Venus to Pluto, this dynamic is activated by the Moon, bringing some intensity to matters of love, sex, friendships, art, design, music. Maybe a relationship is experiencing a shift of some kind. Matters that have been ignored or suppressed may be coming to the surface. Or, some folk might be spicing it up in the bedroom! Pluto can relate to more alternative modes of sexual expression.

Signs most affected by this are Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Libra.

January 28th

Full Moon in Leo

Today it’s a Full Moon! A particularly intense one as Venus is exactly conjoined to Pluto, the Moon squares volatile Mars & Uranus, and Jupiter is conjoined with the Sun. So much going on — this is likely to be a very dramatic Full Moon. If you’re in an area likely to be affected by protests or violence, stay home! 

Signs most affected are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn, but really, pretty much every sign will be affected by this energy on a personal level in some form or another. 

January 31st

Sun square Uranus, Mercury goes retrograde

The Sun squares Uranus for the last day of January bringing unexpected news or developments, possibly in relation to ongoing protests and political unrest. Also, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius! As Aquarius has strong links with the Internet, Robotics, Space Travel, and Cryptocurrencies, expect developments in these areas during this retrograde. I’ll be touching on this in my 2021 post, but Congress slipped a provision into the Covid-19 relief and spending bill in December, that US intelligence agencies have 180 days to divulge to Congress what they know about UFO’s… As if things could get any more bizarre! Anyhow, Aquarius has a strong link with themes around Space and ET’s, so we could see some developments around this during the retrograde, but certainly later in the year as the 180 day period comes to a close, with Saturn squaring Uranus! More on this later in my 2021 post. 

Stay sane everyone! Love & Light to all <3