The Astrology of 2020

Why 2020 has been such a complete nightmare

Welcome to my first blog post! It’s been a long time in the making. I was going to release my August Horoscopes as part of this post but it ended up being so long that I’ve decided to split them into two. Check back in the next couple days!

So.. why has 2020 has been such a complete nightmare? I’ll have to back up a bit to give more context.

Astrology deals with cycles. From the 24 hour rotation of the Earth, to cycles lasting hundreds / thousands of years. There are four cycles here that are of most interest to us. I’ll start with the most immediate cycle and address the other three in a later blog post as it’s a pretty in-depth topic.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and oppositions

In a nutshell, Saturn is the planet of challenge, restriction, the cosmic “NO” / brake pedal (Jupiter is the cosmic “YES” / accelerator pedal), the natural ruler of authority, government, old age, death, illness etc. 

Pluto is the planet of destruction and rebirth. Wherever Pluto is moving in the Zodiac / in a person’s (or a country’s /  animal’s / object’s birth chart… yes, everything in existence has a birth chart), it’s action is to tear down, rebuild and completely transform. The archetypal Dark Night of the Soul that brings a situation to breaking point where the only option is to metaphorically die and be reborn, for something new to rise from the ashes. Think of how forests regenerate after a huge fire. Or volcanoes — pressure from deep within finally comes to a boiling point and there is a massive explosion. Pluto also rules things that are very dark and shadowy. Think of volcanoes, places deep underground, shadowy organizations, etc. So, whenever Pluto is involved, it’s often high drama. But as you will see below, it can also manifest on a more mundane level such as major changes in fashion trends and music.

Saturn and Pluto come together every 32-38 years, depending on how fast both planets are moving. The sign they are in dictates how their energy will manifest in matters on Earth. Below is a list of the last times Saturn and Pluto have come together in the last 100 years or so. Keep in mind that the square aspect can cause a lot of friction too, but I’ll focus on the conjunction and opposition for now as they are the most intense aspects. These dates include the periods leading up to and after the exact conjunctions/oppositions. 

1914 – conjunction: World War 1 begins

1931 – opposition: World War 2 begins

1946 – approaching conjunction: War Crimes trial in Nuremberg, Bikinis go on sale in Paris, United Nation’s first meeting

1947 conjunction: Cold War begins, IMF created, CIA created, Roswell incident

1964 – opposition: Vietnam War begins, Race Riots in major US cities, first Pirate Radio station established in the US, Dr. Martin Luther King receives the Nobel Peace Prize (Saturn was in Pisces which is a sign associated with Pacifism), The Beatles hold top 5 positions in US Top 40 singles chart

1965 – opposition: The Voting Rights Act becomes law, guaranteeing African American’s the right to vote, the Mini Skirt appears in London (Pisces is a sign associated with fashion and beauty)

1980 – conjunction: John Lennon killed, Cold War tensions, US boycott of Moscow Olympics, Italo Disco starts to come into prominence 

1981 – conjunction: AIDS virus identified, MS-DOS released, Lady Diana marries Prince Charles, major recession hits the US

1982 – conjunction: Insulin produced by GE Bacteria is sold for the first time, Michael Jackson releases Thriller album, first CD player sold in Japan

1983 – conjunction: Space Shuttle Challenger Maiden Flight, MS Word released, Ethiopian drought death toll reaches 4 million, NATO conducts simulation of nuclear attack causing alarm in the USSR 

2001 – opposition: September 11 attacks

2002 – opposition: Euro bank notes and coins begin to circulate and become official currency of 12 of the EU member countries, largest expansion of NATO as 7 new countries become members, Queen Elizabeth dies, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates Golden Jubilee, Slobodan Miloševic trial

2003 – opposition: Human Genome project completed, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, final Concorde flight, US starts plans to invade Iraq, Dept of Homeland Security comes into being, Sadam Hussein captured

Also, Saturn & Pluto were approaching a conjunction when the Black Death reached Europe in 1347.

As you can see, the Saturn/Pluto dynamic coincides with difficult and challenging times throughout history. Skipping forward to the most recent conjunction, we can see that significant events began when Saturn entered Capricorn in 2017. Capricorn is one of Saturn’s ‘home signs’, or signs that it has rulership in. Every planet has signs that it is at home in, and signs it has difficulty in (for the purposes of Astrology, I refer to the Sun & Moon as planets). In Traditional Astrology, this is referred to as Essential Dignity. Capricorn is a sign that expresses energy in a restricted or conservative manner. The rise of Conservatism throughout the world has coincided with Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn in 2017, though we were beginning to see glimpses of it as Saturn was in the sign prior (Sagittarius) as Donald Trump was elected in 2016. 

2017 marked the start of Brexit. ISIS captured the city of Mosul in Iraq. Trump instituted travel bans on citizens from Muslim-majority nations and continued the promotion of the border wall with Mexico. Facebook announced that Russia had been meddling with US elections by purchasing ads on it’s platform. The Opioid crisis was declared a “public health emergency”. The US withdrew from the Paris Agreement. Wildfires across the globe.

COVID-19 & the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction

Saturn and Pluto conjoined exactly on January 12, 2020. Jupiter had recently entered Capricorn also, which plays a significant part in the whole dynamic. Jupiter rules the principles of increase and expansion, so you can see how that plays into the story with the rapid spread of the virus. Usually, increase and expansion are good things (think monetary gain, or international travel), however when Jupiter is in Capricorn (the sign of it’s Fall or Depression), the more difficult associations can manifest. As the natural ruler of airlines and air travel, we can see how more of these difficult associations have manifested with the near total collapse of this form of transportation. The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was in 2008, when the Global Financial Crisis hit. There is a theme of frugality, or pulling in the reigns financially or with Jupiter in Capricorn. This is not to say that people with Jupiter in Capricorn in their birth chart can’t succeed financially, but there may be a sense of there being a lot of hard, dedicated work to get there.

Back to Saturn/Pluto. We can see how this dynamic has manifested with the unfolding of the Coronavirus.

  • Outbreak of the virus with government coverup of numbers and extent of the outbreak. Saturn = illness, government, obfuscation. Pluto = coverup, manipulation, shadowy/mysterious situations.
  • International borders being closed. Saturn = borders, restriction.
  • Masks being mandated. Saturn = principle of separation, law / mandates. A mask helps separates us from the virus.
  • Economic downturn as a result of the virus. Saturn obviously at play here. Pluto ups the ante.
  • Further discussion of Universal Basic Income. Pluto being the planet of destruction and regeneration and Saturn at a broad level ruling Capitalism is fueling these discussions and exposing the inequalities and flaws of our current system.

George Floyd

The tragic murder of George Floyd, subsequent rioting and calls for police reform are poignant manifestations of the Saturn/Pluto dynamic. With Saturn ruling authority and Pluto, abuse of power, destruction and regeneration, we can see how this has played out with the calls for police reform and an end to double standards in the treatment of People of Color.

Capricorn/Cancer Eclipses

I haven’t mentioned the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle here, but in short, Eclipses signal major change, and in combination with all the intensity already happening in Capricorn, well, you can see how that turned out! The first eclipse in the cycle was a partial solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12, 2018. People with planets in Cancer & Capricorn would have noticed things start to shift in their personal lives around this time. The final eclipse in the series occurred in Capricorn on July 5, 2020. I will write more on Eclipses in a future post.

Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius & the start of a new 200 year cycle

So, when will things improve? Saturn leaves Capricorn and enters it’s other home sign of Aquarius on December 19, 2020, so the Saturn/Pluto dynamic will come to a close at that point (though it will have slowly decreased in intensity leading up to this). It will then conjoin with Jupiter to form what is termed as a Great Conjunction, marking the start of a new 200 year cycle. The previous (current) 200 year cycle brought us the rise of Capitalism, the Industrial Revolution, and you know the rest! What will the next cycle bring? Stay tuned for a future blog post!

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