The Astrology of 2021

February Forecast Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my February Forecast! Make sure to read Part 1 for details on the upcoming Saturn Uranus square on February 17th. This is a very big transit!

Let’s see what else is coming up over the next couple weeks.

The Moon is now in Pisces, after starting a new lunation in Aquarius yesterday. As she conjoins with watery Neptune tomorrow (2/13), Mars will be moving into a sextile with Neptune. This signals a good day for creative pursuits, or a nice escape from the realities of the world during the pandemic — perhaps a nice movie and food delivered? The areas of your chart occupied by Taurus & Pisces determine how this manifests in your life. Taurus, Pisces, Aries & Scorpio people will experience this the most strongly.

Tonight (2/12), Venus and Mercury conjoin. Mercury retrograde brings themes of revision, reassessment, & matters from the past coming up. Combined with Venus, these themes manifest in the context of love, friendships, the arts, and the feminine realm in general. Aquarius people will feel this most strongly, with Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra people also being affected.

Mercury then conjoins with Jupiter on Valentine’s Day with Venus, the planet of love just three degrees away. Jupiter, also known as Jove in Roman times, ruling all that is Jovial, brings this energy into the ether on this day. Expect lively conversations, and some sense of reprieve, breakthrough, or help being offered. While Aquarius in itself may not be the most romantic of signs (romantic Aquarians will have other astrological placements that bestow this energy), we will take what we can get. Venus in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day really is fitting, however, for the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves.

The Moon enters Gemini on 2/19, on the heels of the Saturn Uranus square. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is just under 4 degrees away from Saturn at this point. The Moon brings the energy of this dynamic into Gemini. As the current eclipse cycle is in Gemini/Sagittarius, people with planets in these signs may expect a period of heightened activity for the next couple days. There may be themes of revision, disruption, surprise, or being forced to overcome something. Gemini people will feel this the most. Sagittarius people may also to a lesser degree. Whenever the Moon is in Sagittarius and Gemini during this eclipse cycle, there will be significant developments in the areas of life ruled by those signs. Eclipses signal big changes in the areas of life they are occurring in.

Mercury finally goes direct in the evening of 2/20. Matters of life that have been disrupted or revised can start to move forward again at this time. This is significant for Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo people.

Venus moves into Pisces on 2/25, signaling a shift in matters of life ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, friendship, the arts, and all that is feminine. Venus in Pisces is considered to be exalted. It is a place where she is held up and has an elevated status. Thus, matters of life ruled by her become prominent and elevated for the duration she is transiting through this sign (until 3/21). For example, there may be female performers being honored in the news or receiving awards during this time. This will be nice change from the energy of Venus in Aquarius and may signal some kind of shift or change in terms of the pandemic as Venus rules social interaction in general. Pisces, Libra and Taurus people will feel this most strongly.

Mars will be conjoined with fixed star Algol on the day Venus moves into Pisces (2/25). This is quite an interesting dynamic. Venus rules Taurus, the sign Mars is currently transiting. So her elevation in Pisces signals a change for the matters pertaining to Mars. Algol is quite a notoriously difficult star, being associated with the myth of Medusa. It quite literally signals ‘losing ones head’ in some manner, usually figuratively speaking, but also has manifested in actual beheadings throughout history. As Mars rules men in general, there is almost the idea of a man, or a Martial figure (soldier, warrior, fighter etc) losing his mind over a Venusian figure or Venusian part of life with this transit. The Moon then moves to square it in Leo, igniting the dynamic in the early hours of February 26. I predict this may manifest in areas of life such as the food/restaurant industry (a Taurean part of life) — I am picturing a Gordon Ramsay type figure losing his head over something. Taurus also has rulership over the financial markets. With the Moon almost full on this day, I am thinking there will be insane activity on the markets. Taurus and Leo people should be wary on this day of ‘losing their heads’ over something. Scorpio and Aries people will be affected also.

The Full Moon then occurs on 2/27 in Virgo. Matters pertaining to the markets and those I wrote about in the previous post on the Saturn Uranus square may come into stark contrast on a national level. Markets will probably go wild during this time. Matters relating to health, the pandemic, addiction or escapism, pets/animals, & science may also become prominent on a personal and national level during the Full Moon. Signs most affected by this Full Moon will be Pisces & Virgo. Keep your wits about you during this time, and as always, be kind to yourself and others! This is looking like a very dramatic Full Moon. Exercise no-holds-barred self care during this time.

Love & light to all! <3