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  • The Astrology of May
    After taking a break in April I am back for my May forecast! We are now in Taurus season, a lovely time of year.. This post will be an overview of the more major things happening this month. The month started out with the Moon in a trine to the Sun, and a trine to […]
  • The Astrology of March – Part 2
    Hopefully the first part of March has not been too challenging for most. We have Jupiter entering Pisces on the horizon which marks a period of positivity and general loveliness. I’ll be writing more about that next month.  If you’re reading this today (March 15th) and haven’t read Part 1, make sure you do as […]
  • The Astrology of March – Part 1
    How on Earth is it March already? Time is such a blur for me in recent times. So much happens in such a short space of time. I think our brains are still adjusting to so much information being processed on a daily basis… anyhow, onto the topic at hand — the March forecast! This […]
  • February Forecast Part 2
    Welcome to Part 2 of my February Forecast! Make sure to read Part 1 for details on the upcoming Saturn Uranus square on February 17th. This is a very big transit! Let’s see what else is coming up over the next couple weeks. The Moon is now in Pisces, after starting a new lunation in […]
  • February Forecast Part 1
    Welcome to Part 1 of my February forecast! 2021 started off with a bang, that’s for sure, and February continues along similar themes with some rather disruptive energy! Let’s talk about one of the main transits for this year. Saturn square Uranus.  Saturn square Uranus Saturn is the planet ruling areas of life such as […]

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