The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of May

After taking a break in April I am back for my May forecast! We are now in Taurus season, a lovely time of year.. This post will be an overview of the more major things happening this month.

The month started out with the Moon in a trine to the Sun, and a trine to Venus. Here in Duluth, Minnesota, we experienced really lovely weather and although I was recovering from a bug of some sort (not COVID, thankfully), it was still a really pleasant day.

Let’s see what’s happening this month.. dates and times are in CST. 

Sun square Saturn — May 3rd — Signs most affected: Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer

On May 3rd, the Sun moves into a square with Saturn. This may reignite the Saturn Uranus square dynamic. When the Sun conjoined with Uranus on April 30th, we saw worldwide website outages (Facebook being one of the major ones), along with technical issues in general. While out driving I witnessed two near miss accidents also. The Sun squaring Saturn will no doubt reactivate this to some extent, and the Moon will be in Aquarius also, adding further emphasis.. so if things are challenging around this time, that’s why! Expect activity in the cryptocurrency markets. 

Mars in Cancer — signs most affected: Cancer, Aries, Scorpio

Mars entered Cancer on April 23rd. Cancer rising, Sun and Moon people will have experienced this in some form or another. A Cancer rising person I know got news of a death in the family on the day Mars entered the sign of it’s fall. Also, the Indonesian submarine that sunk (within a day of Mars entering Cancer) is also symbolized by this transit. Mars, the sign ruling the Military, is in it’s fall or depression in the watery sign of Cancer. This is an extremely literal manifestation of this transit. When a planet enters the sign of it’s fall or depression, there can often be a literal ‘falling down’, or ‘sinking’ in the areas of life that Mars rules. Cancer people may be experiencing some challenges at this time. These may be in the form of family conflict, depression, conflict within the home, actual problems with housing or real estate, or perhaps issues with the theme of nurturing or Motherhood. Depending on the house ruled by Mars in the natal chart, these areas of life become activated also. Mars leaves Cancer on June 11th, so expect matters to improve around this time. 

Aries and Scorpio people, being ruled by Mars, may be feeling sluggish, lethargic, moody, but also more intuitive and creative during this period. 

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius — May 26th 6:13am CST — signs most affected: Sagittarius, Gemini

This is the first of the eclipses for 2021. For Gemini and Sagittarius people, this is a big deal. Think back to what happened around November 30th and December 14th last year and you’ll have some idea of the areas of life that will be activated by the upcoming eclipses. Eclipses can stir up a lot of changes, so if things get crazy, just remember that the eclipses are happening and that things will calm down in a couple months. 

Jupiter enters Pisces — May 13th — signs most affected: Pisces, Sagittarius

This is a very positive transit for Pisces people, as Jupiter is the ruler of this sign. This transit happens once every 12 years or so. Now, before you get too excited, Jupiter is just dipping his toes into the sign for a few weeks before going retrograde on June 21st.. he will then exit back into Aquarius on July 28th, before reentering Pisces in the late hours of December 28th. Still, this is a taste of things to come later in the year and whatever is started around this period may blossom or develop once Jupiter enters the sign again. Jupiter will spend most of 2022 in Pisces, leaving late in the year on December 20th, when he will enter Aries. 

Expect a period of increased creativity, gain, or a sense of help from above during this period. International travel is possible, along with starting/continuing studies in a given area. Make the most of it!

Sagittarius people, being ruled by Jupiter, will also experience good things during this period, though given the two signs are square to each other, these may require additional work or compromise. 

New Moon in Taurus — May 11th — signs most affected: Taurus

There has been a lot of activity in Taurus the past few weeks, and this lunation cycle continues that trend. Expect further changes in the financial markets, particularly with cryptocurrency. The eclipses will most likely trigger major activity also. Taurus people can expect heightened activity in their lives around the May 26th eclipse too. 

Mercury enters Gemini — May 3rd — signs most affected: Gemini and Virgo

Mercury enters the sign of its rulership on May 3rd. This is most positive for Gemini people. Expect Gemini ruled areas of life to be strengthened and for mental faculties to be sharpened around this time. Technology should behave better for this period (except around the eclipses). Important communication may arrive during this period also. Virgo people may experience positive changes during this period, though given their sign is square to Gemini, there may be compromise or additional work required. 

That’s the main stuff occurring for May! I hope the transits bring about the highest good for all. As an FYI, I am currently taking a break from readings. I will update my website once they are being offered again. If you have an urgent issue, I may be able to make an exception for a short reading. Contact me if you need to! <3