The Astrology of 2021

The Astrology of March – Part 2

Hopefully the first part of March has not been too challenging for most. We have Jupiter entering Pisces on the horizon which marks a period of positivity and general loveliness. I’ll be writing more about that next month. 

If you’re reading this today (March 15th) and haven’t read Part 1, make sure you do as Mercury enters Pisces today and there’s a write up on that in the post!

Let’s see what’s happening for the rest of the month!

Venus sextile Pluto — March 18th

The planet of Love enters into a sextile with the God of the Underworld on March 18th. The sextile is more of a minor aspect, but there may be a sense of transformation or things coming to light in matters of love, art, and beauty on this day. Pisces, Libra and Capricorn people will feel this the most. 

Sun enters Aries — March 20th

The Sun finally enters Aries on March 20th, marking the beginning of Spring. Thank Goddess! It is also the birthday of two of my closest friends, Heather and Peter! Happy birthday sweeties! <3

The Sun in Aries marks a period of increased optimism and drive to start new projects and forge ahead, as the Sun is exalted in this sign. Aries and Leo people will feel this the most. 

Venus enters Aries — March 21st

Venus then enters Aries the next day, bringing Venusian matters into prominence for those with planets in the sign of the Warrior — Aries! The Goddess of Love will be staying here until April 14th, when she enters her home sign of Taurus. Venus in Aries is considered to be in a place of exile traditionally, as she is somewhat out of place in the sign of War, power, and impatience! Venus is at home in Taurus and Libra, signs related to a slower, more graceful pace, with balance and harmony. She is not at home in Aries, which is more about fast pace, being at the forefront of things, and being in a battleground (in whichever field of life that may be). Venus ruled people (Taurus and Libra) may feel more impatient or quarrelsome during this period, but it can also be a period of increased passion, energy and drive. The topics of sex, love, friendship, women, art, design & beauty may become more prominent for Aries people whilst Venus is transiting through this sign. She will be here until the early afternoon (CST) of April 14th. 

Mercury sextile Uranus — March 21st

On the same day that Venus enters Aries, Mercury sextiles Uranus. Unexpected developments, news or communication may occur on this day. Mercury ruled people may feel more chatty, scatterbrained, or creative. Technology upgrades may be in order. PiscesGeminiVirgo, and Taurus people will be most affected.  

Mars trine Saturn — March 21st

Wow, the 21st is quite the day of activity this month. Mars, the God of War enters into a trine with Saturn, the Great Teacher. The trine is the ‘best’ aspect two planets can make (apart from conjunctions involving Jupiter and Venus), and in this case, as it involves the two most challenging planets, Saturn and Mars, this is a good aspect for them to be in. This signals harmony in Martial and Saturnian matters of life. Drive, passion, ambition, the armed forces for Mars, and government, structure, regulation, and limitation for Saturn. Goals may be achieved around this time, particularly in relation to self control, routines, schedules, structural changes and so on. Gemini and Aquarius related areas of life may be involved. Communication, information, humor and creativity for Gemini, and altruism, technology, the Internet, cryptocurrency, and philosophy for Aquarius. Keep an eye on the news and you’ll be sure to see these topics manifest in some form or another. AriesScorpioAquarius and Gemini people may feel a sense of harmony around Mars/Saturn rules areas of life on this day. 

Mercury square Mars — March 23rd

The Trickster / Messenger squares off with the God of War on March 23rd. Technology issues, terse communication, travel issues, or pranks gone wrong may occur on this day. This is a good time to have words with someone that are long overdue, but beware of a tendency to go overboard. If you’re feeling cranky or moody on this date, this is why! GeminiPiscesVirgoAries, and Scorpio people will be most affected.  

Sun conjunct Venus — March 26th

The Goddess of Love is reborn on this date. Whenever a planet is conjoined with the Sun, it is symbolically burned up, to rise from the ashes and be reborn anew. This signals new beginnings for Venusian areas of life and Venusian people — Taurus and Libra. When a planet is within 1 degree of the Sun, it is also considered to be “Cazimi”, which is a Latin transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī, which means “as if in the heart”. The Arabic term appears to be a translation of the Greek term egkardios (ἐγκάρδιος), which literally means “in the heart”. What this means is that Cazimi planets are elevated or protected in some sense. It is considered to be a very fortunate placement. A prominent Medieval Astrologer, Abraham Ibn Ezra wrote of Cazimi planets: “A planet joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair.” Taurus and Libra people may experience some sense of being elevated or protected around this time period. A new cycle for Venusian areas of life starts for Aries people on this date: love, friendship, art, design, and beauty. 

Mars conjunct North Node and a Full Moon — March 28th

Mars, the God of War conjoins with the North Node of the Moon as the Moon is Full! The nodes of the Moon are places associated with a sense of fate. The North Node also has a meaning of ‘elevation’, ‘increase’ and ‘hunger’ associated with it. Mars ruled people (Aries and Scorpio) may experience some sense of a fated event on this date, or a sense of primal hunger, in relation to Gemini ruled areas of life: information, communication, creative writing or news being sent or received, or something related to technology. Gemini people may experience similar things, but in addition to this, possibly an event or development related to a man/martial figure, or to the topics of drive, ambition, passion, or force. Sagittarius people may experience to this some degree also. As the Eclipse cycle is occurring in Gemini and Sagittarius this brings these events into greater prominence.

The Full Moon in Libra will heighten the Venus Sun conjunction, still occurring in Aries. We may see Venusian figures and areas of life being prominent in the news. Themes around power,  misuse of power, and balance and harmony in relationships will be active around this time. Aries and Libra people will feel this the strongest. 

I realized this month, I have been tending to leave Cancer out to some extent, as it is the sign ruled by the Moon, so it’s always really got stuff going on, on a daily basis depending on what the Moon is doing (which is why Cancerians have such fluctuating moods!). I will try to remember this for my future forecasts. It’s easy to forget if there aren’t any planets transiting Cancer. The Full Moon will be somewhat potent for Cancer folk this month as it occurs in the signs 90 degrees away from it, which is the square aspect, indicating tension or conflict. This energy can be positive though, as it can be this type of energy that is a catalyst for change. 

Mercury conjunct Neptune – March 29th

Right on the heels of the Full Moon, we see Mercury conjoin with watery, foggy Neptune. Nothing is quite what it seems when it comes to Neptune. This can manifest in a ‘rose colored glasses’ sense, or in a more challenging sense of overwhelm, or perhaps being lost in the fog. Miscommunication and technology issues will be rife on this day. For people who are prone to depression, exercise greater self care on this day and remember that this is temporary! Forewarned is forearmed.. GeminiPisces, and Virgo people will be most affected by this transit. Take a mental health day if need be. The positive side of this transit is that it can provide immense creative inspiration, so channel your emotions into art if you can. 

Venus sextile Saturn — March 30th

The sextile aspect is one of harmony, but when Saturn is involved, there is always more of a sobering type of energy. This transit may bring a sense of becoming aware of or facing limitations in relation to Venusian matters, or of setting up structures or routines. There is some difficult reception here as both Saturn and Venus don’t like being in Aries. Planets in aspect to each other ‘receive’ the other into the sign they are currently in — it shows how they feel about each other. In this case, there is a sense of, “I’m not happy about this, but let’s make it work and push through”. Venus is starting to leave her Cazimi status (see March 26th for an explanation of Cazimi), meaning she is losing her position of status or elevation. She is still hidden by the beams of the Sun, meaning whatever is represented by her is hidden, secret, or unconscious, in the very early stages of coming to light. AriesAquariusTaurus, and Libra people will be most affected. 

Sun sextile Saturn — March 31st

Interestingly, the Sun then sextiles Saturn the next day. This may feel like a continuation of the storyline from what occurred the previous day. In this case, the Sun is in a place of strength in Aries, but is in it’s exile in Aquarius. So there is negative reception for both planets. Picture two people who are very comfortable where they are, but through necessity have to make some kind of arrangement or agreement that aren’t super enamored with. There may be that kind of vibe to circumstances that occur on that day. Compromise is part of life. Personal growth doesn’t occur when we’re in our comfort zone.. Make the most of it and embrace it! Aries, Leo, and Aquarius people will be most affected. 

Love and light to all! <3