My Approach to Astrology

I am not your everyday Astrologer! Having a very strong Saturn in my chart, I have learned that fate and destiny play a pivotal part in life, and through years of daily analysis of what is occurring in my own chart (and the charts of those close to me) relative to the planets current positions, I have come to realize that our lives are far more ordered than is widely accepted. I have a strong belief in reincarnation and believe that “we’re all actors on the stage of life”. This does not scare me — if anything, I find it somewhat comforting and know that “whatever is meant to be, will be”. I believe life on Planet Earth is a school and that we’re all learning and growing, having unique and novel experiences, and sometimes just reveling in the joy of being alive!

I am not a fluffy, new agey, “there are no limits in life / you can create ANY life you imagine” type Astrologer. Saturn, Mars and Pluto are found in every persons chart, and everyone experiences challenges, hurdles, and loss, in some area of life. There is no escaping this. Coming to terms with the karmic lessons that have been allotted to you in this lifetime helps to ease pain, as resistance is the source of suffering.

I do not claim to be a spiritual guru or have a direct line to the divine. I’ll explain what I see in simple language and trust that whatever I explain in the reading will be what you are meant to hear at that particular time.

If this resonates with you, feel free to contact me for a reading!